Father’s Day Gifts for Your Special Dad

Father's Day Gifts

There are many Dads in St. Louis, but none are as special as yours. And because your dad is so unique and special, we think he deserves better than another tie, or a charger for his phone. No, your Dad is an original, and that is why the team at Walter Knoll Florist has put together a collection of Father’s Day gifts that will shine a spotlight on the things he loves. This Father’s Day, celebrate dad with a gift he won’t soon forget.
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Memorial Day Flowers in Red, White & Blue

Memorial Day Flowers

Memorial Day is one of the most solemn holidays on the calendar, and its meaning is integral to the very fabric of our nation. Instituted unofficially in 1868 (as Decoration Day) and officially made a day of remembrance in 1971, Memorial Day is set apart to honor those who throughout history, have paid the ultimate price for the freedoms which we enjoy. Walter Knoll Florist considers it both an honor and a privilege to assist you in showing your respects to those who have fallen.

What are the Most Popular Flowers on Memorial Day? Although any flowers within the patriotic color palette are appropriate, we love red roses and carnations, white daisies or lilies, and blue delphinium and iris.

Although many consider the day to be simply a day off from work and the kick-off to summer, there are many events happening around St. Louis that will remind you of the meaningful significance of the holiday.

Memorial Day Flowers

  • The Memorial Day Parade in Alton, Illinois, is truly a part of history. It is the oldest consecutive running Memorial Day parade in the nation, dating back to 1868. The parade begins each Memorial Day at 10 a.m. at the intersection of College and Washington Avenues.
  • Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery is an impressive sight year-round, but especially so on Memorial Day. Each year, local boy scouts place small flags at each of the nearly 190,000 headstones on the cemetery grounds. There is also a special service at 10 a.m., in the cemetery chapel honoring all those who have served.
  • The Compton Heights Concert Band has been performing free concerts  in St. Louis since 1976. The band’s summer season kicks off every year with a Memorial Day Concert in Tower Grove Park in south St. Louis. Everyone is invited to bring a blanket or lawn chair and gather round the bandstand at 3 p.m., for an afternoon of patriotic music.

Memorial Day FlowersFlowers can be given for many reasons on Memorial Day. If you choose to send a floral arrangement to the home of someone who lost a family member, choose a design that is less formal. Crosses, wreaths and urns should be reserved for the cemetery or memorial. And don’t forget, if you are hosting the Memorial Day party (or would like to bring a hostess gift) we also have many festive designs for the day.

Memorial Day is Monday, May 29. Call Walter Knoll Florist today to make sue you have all the honorary and celebratory flowers you need.

Tropical & Bright Spring Flowers

bright spring flowers

Late spring in Saint Louis represents the return of beautiful weather – so head out to the front porch, take a few deep breaths, revel in the sunshine – and then order some bright spring flowers to fill your home with the ambiance of the season.

When it comes to floral arrangements at this time of the year, we believe that the more colorful the better. For special occasions, or simply to infuse new life into your space, you can trust the experts at Walter Knoll Florist to provide the most beautiful flowers in town!

Creative Saint Louis Mother’s Day Gifts

Saint Louis Mother's Day

Our Moms deserve to be treated like royalty on Mother’s Day – but every mom is unique and special, and one gift does not necessarily fit everyone. The key to a memorable Mother’s Day gift is to select something that reflects her personality and passions while adding a bit of nostalgia or sentiment. Here are some suggestions from the team at Walter Knoll Florist to inspire you as you seek the perfect gift for your Mom!  Continue reading

Honoring Mom on Her Special Day

honoring mom

There is no one like your mother – and you couldn’t imagine doing life without her. You Mom is unique and one-of-a-kind, and as such, deserves the very best this Mother’s Day. That’s why Walter Knoll Florist has assembled a Mother’s Day collection which includes elegant floral designs, interesting gifts, and beautiful plants – each lovingly chosen so you can convey your admiration to her in your own special way. Honoring mom has never been so easy – or so beautiful.

Did You Know? Although Mothering Sunday was observed in the UK since the 1600’s, the North American version of Mother’s Day originated in 1908, thanks to an effort spearheaded by Anna Jarvis. That means that Walter Knoll Florist had already been in operation for 25 years when the holiday began!  Continue reading

Formal Flowers for the Spring Prom

formal flowers

This spring, you have the opportunity to adorn all of your special occasions with wearable, formal flowers. Whether celebrating the hard work and commitment of a graduating senior, letting your Mom know how much she means to you on Mother’s Day or preparing for the prom, formal flowers bring elegance and grace to every celebration.
formal flowers

For thousands of years, corsages have been worn for many reasons, but it was not until the 1800’s that they were worn for fashion or celebratory purposes. Traditionally worn on the bodice of a dress, the contemporary version of these popular flowers is the wrist corsage, held in place with decorative bracelets and adorned with ribbons. Corsages are have customarily been designed utilizing roses and orchids, but the floral professionals at Walter Knoll Florist are happy to work with you to create a corsage from your favorite flowers – whether carnations, alstroemeria, or unique green mums.
formal flowers

People often assume that they must perfectly match the color of their gown to the color of the flowers. While we can most certainly do that for you, we recommend taking advantage of our experience and artistry. Show us your color scheme and allow us to make suggestions regarding some alternative flowers, complimentary colors, or unique textures so that we can create an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind corsage. Be the envy of your friends – with formal flowers from Walter Knoll Florist.

Don’t Forget! While we are designing your corsage, allow us to also create a boutonniere that is a perfect match.
formal flowersWalter Knoll Florist has been designing formal flowers for special occasions for over 130 years – you can rely on us to provide the gorgeous flowers that reflect your individual style and personality. Whether a boutonniere for your accomplished graduate or a wrist corsage for your mom, we are your St. Louis floral source. Come to Walter Knoll Florist and let’s discuss how we can make your occasions even more special!

Flowers to Show Gratitude to Teachers & Nurses

nursesThere are people around us every day that are doing great things – but their efforts seem to go unnoticed by most. However, if you asked people across St, Louis if they could recall a teacher that had influenced them, they would likely have a story to tell. Likewise, if you asked about a hospital stay the chances are excellent that they would have great things to say about their nurse. Although the two professions are very different, they have one characteristic in common – both nurses and teachers lead with their hearts when dealing with those in their charge. In the process, they encourage, comfort, and inspire us. Both teachers and nurses are being celebrated in May, and it is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to let them know just how much they matter.

Mark Your Calendars: National Nurses Week is May 6-12, with National Nurse Day being recognized on May 6. National Teachers Week is May 7-13, with National Teachers Day falling on May 9. Shop our special Teachers & Nurses Collection now!  Continue reading

Expert Tips for Succulents and Indoor Green Plants

indoor green plantsWe all know how beautiful the plants and flowers look at the shop. But for those who don’t possess a green thumb, bringing flowering and green plants home may be just a bit intimidating. The experts at Walter Knoll Florist have been helping people to beautify their St. Louis homes and offices for generations – and we are here to help you with some easy care tips for indoor green plants. There are over 315,000 varieties of plants, which makes it impossible to list a standard set of care instructions. However, we have compiled a short list of three of our favorite plants. With just a little guidance, you should be able to keep them healthy and thriving at home. If you have further questions or prefer another plant, just let us know!  Continue reading

Thank Your Secretaries with Flowers

Every day they answer the phones, file the paperwork, and schedule the appointments. And you don’t know what you would do without them!

Secretaries Week is set aside to thank those very special employees who help keep our companies running every day.  According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), there are nearly 4 million such professionals in the United States – and many consider these unsung heroes to be the true backbone of our local and national economies. Walter Knoll Florist has assembled a collection of creative floral designs, green plants, and unique gifts specifically for the office superstars.  Continue reading

Easter Lilies, Floral Designs & Gifts

Easter lilies

Easter Sunday is a holiday with something for everyone – a combination of two distinctly opposite traditions that have managed to merge to create one celebration. With Easter eggs and bunnies originating in pagan fertility festivals, and the Christian tradition contributing the story of the Resurrection, it is a strange combination indeed. Still, many people do observe elements of both traditions – and no matter how you celebrate, Walter Knoll Florist has the florals and gifts you are looking for.

The Easter Lily: While flowers have a place in both traditions, it is the Christian faith that views the Easter lily as symbolic. Representing hope and new life, the white lily is often used in Easter Sunday church services and to give to people of faith.  Continue reading