Seasonal Autumn Flowers and Centerpieces

seasonal autumn flowers

If there is one word which signifies this season, it is change. Changing leaves, changing temperatures, and changing wardrobes all generate a sense of anticipation and excitement, as our favorite holidays come into view and the vibrancy of this season is everywhere you look. From football games to pumpkin spice, we love the spirit of fall – and seasonal autumn flowers are a big part of the beauty.

Whether you are looking for beautiful decor for your home or the perfect gift, you’ll find what you need at Walter Knoll Florist.  Continue reading

Welcome Them with Housewarming Gifts

housewarming gifts

There are many ways to make people feel at home – and from a friendly smile to a home-cooked meal, small gifts and gestures are bound to make a new neighbor feel a little more welcome. At Walter Knoll Florist. we specialize in taking the ordinary – flowers and plants – and turning them into something extraordinary! If you would like to say hello to your new neighbors with stylish housewarming gifts, turn to our experts for advice.  Continue reading

Tips for Beautiful Homecoming Flowers

homecoming flowers

Whether you are currently a student or returning to your school for a nostalgic visit, there is no doubt that homecoming weekend is a special time. The formal dance is the highlight of the weekend for many, and flowers are an important part of that event. Walter Knoll Florist has been creating uniquely beautiful corsages, boutonnieres and wearable flowers for over a century, and we look forward to ensuring that you look your best for this special occasion.

Here are a few tips from the experts, to help you to design the most beautiful homecoming flowers.  Continue reading

Flowers for Grandparents Day Celebrations

grandparents day celebrations

To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word “boo.” ~Robert Brault

Grandparents Day is observed on the first Sunday after Labor Day, and was the result of the efforts of one woman, Marian McQuade – a mother and grandmother herself. Inspired by sadness in seeing many of the elder generation living alone in nursing homes, McQuade set out to create a time of honor, remembrance and gathering.

Marian’s vision was not commercial in nature, rather she wished to promote togetherness and the preservation of family legacy. She hoped that families would be inspired to plan reunions and get-togethers, so that grandparents and great-grandparents could impart wisdom and share stories with the younger generations. Of course, she also hoped that grandchildren would take the opportunity to express their love. It is in this spirit that Walter Knoll Florist offers our Grandparents Day collection, guaranteed to make them smile!  Continue reading

Sapphire Inspiration for Birthdays


There are many ways to celebrate your loved ones birthday, but flowers are a classic choice. This September, be inspired by the sapphire, the iconic September birthstone. Brilliant blue hues have enamored royalty for centuries, and floral designs which evoke the sapphire inspiration are sure to captivate as well. For all of your birthday flowers, come see us at Walter Knoll Florist.

Did You Know? The sapphire actually occurs in nature in a variety of colors – from orange to green and purple. But it is the vivid blue which was once considered a celestial gift from the gods, and to this day is deemed more valuable. With all its diversity, you will never find a red sapphire, primarily because those are known more commonly as rubies.  Continue reading

Celebrating Just Because Day with Flowers

Just Because Day

Somewhere in California in the 1960’s, a man gave his wife a transistor radio. When she asked him why, he responded “just because”. His kids loved the gesture so much, it began a tradition in their home to surprise other members of the family for the same reason – no reason! Pretty soon the neighborhood took notice, and the trend became a community event. 50 years later, we are here writing about “Just Because Day”, which became a national observance in 2005. The Goodwin family would likely be surprised to know how much everyone loved their holiday!

the holiday has grown beyond giving gifts, and instead represents a day to do something unexpected, to color outside the lines, or to think outside the box. You are encouraged to walk away from the mundane routine for a day, and try something completely different! On August 27, don’t forget the flowers from Walter Knoll Florist – after all, flowers make every day special!  Continue reading

Floral Arrangements for Romance Month

romance month

When you think of flowers and true love, which day comes to mind? Of course, Valentine’s Day is everyone’s first thought, and rarely does anyone associate the month of August with passion and romance.

However, this is indeed National Romance Month, an entire 31 days set aside to celebrate your special someone. Summer is a time of spontaneity, of whimsy and of creativity – making it the perfect time to shower your loved one with unexpected surprises and gestures of love. Walter Knoll Florist has been in the business of helping people convey their love for over 130 years, and we have the floral arrangements you need to deliver the romance.  Continue reading

Designing Gladioli Arrangements for Funerals


Since 1883, the Knoll family has run the largest and most successful full service florist in Saint Louis, offering custom design, expert designers, a huge selection and exquisite quality. Our commitment to quality and customer service has earned a reputation second to none in our industry.

But with all the success, we still remain dedicated to each and every customer, and to walking with them through all of life’s milestones and events. And when it comes to experiencing the death of a loved one, you can count on our team to assist you with compassion and respect. We understand that this is a very difficult time, and we are here to help.  Continue reading

Easy Dorm Room Decorating for your Student

dorm room decorating

Over the next few weeks, parents will be dropping off their children in new classrooms across the Saint Louis area – some for the very first time as they experience kindergarten, and others dropping off their “babies” at college. If your child is preparing to live away from home for the first time, there are likely a lot of emotions that come to the surface. We are here to help you to make the transition just a little easier. A gift from Walter Knoll Florist will add a bit of living beauty to your dorm room decorating, with our diverse online collection of plants, flowers and gifts.

Fast Facts: Approximately 20.5 million students are planning to enter college as incoming freshmen this year; approximately 13 million of them will be living in dormitories and on-campus housing. Continue reading

The Bonds Between Sisters & Friends


Sisterhood and friendship can be some of the strongest relationships we experience. The first Sunday in August is National Friends & Sisters Day and is the perfect chance for you to honor, encourage or send love to your sister or best friend. Walter Knoll Florist knows how special these individuals are in your life. We’re ready to help you celebrate them with gifts and flowers that are perfect for the occasion!

Fun Facts About Sisters: 

Did you know that the oldest sister is typically the protector, the advice-giver, the confidant? Younger sisters often look to the older sister for advice and encouragement- and sometimes a sense of safety. Younger sisters also tend to be the attention-seekers. And the middle sister? She’s usually the best one at compromise, since she can shift between being the older and younger sister. Which one you are might truly help you appreciate the bond between your sister and you!


The fun, colorful Summer Pitcher, featured above, is full of bright blooms and cheerful whimsy. Bouquets like this (as well as many in our collections) will beautifully express your gratitude for years of fun and laughter.

Why We Need Friends: Throughout our lives, our friends are exceptionally important to our social development. As young children, friends teach us basic interpersonal skills. As teenagers, friends teach us how to navigate relationships with people who are different from us. And as adults, friends help us to determine priorities.

Whether she lives in St. Louis or across the country, your bond is unbreakable –  this August, celebrate National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day by calling the floral experts at Walter Knoll Florist. We’ll deliver the perfect arrangement to convey your love and friendship.