As an industry leader, we believe in the Walter Knoll Florist way of look, style and feel in everything we do, from a professional attitude to a genuine smile that reflects a positive attitude which leads to a great working environment.

Full Time/Part Time Florist in Training (under 2 years exp)

Full Time and Part Time Openings Available.

Walter Knoll Florist is looking a qualified, talented, and enthused associate to join our floral art team and work with flowers. "A Florist" at Walter Knoll Florist will need to be able to handle wide and varied duties. They range from building of the bouquets (design duties,) floral consultation (Selling and inputting the information in a computer), and Display (This is all aspects of the retail experience, setting displays to cleaning). Florists are retailers who help clients and translate flowers, plants, or artificial material into bouquets to transmit the sediment of the sender. A Florist in training typically is learning the trade for two years under the supervision of a master designer. This is an art form that even after a lifetime of working in the industry new techniques and materials are used and learned. Walter Knoll Florist is an industry leader and has been family-owned and operated for in the St Louis area since 1883. We have several stores serving our home town of "St Louis metropolitan area", with our headquarters on Florist Row. This job will start based at our florist row location 2765 LaSalle St. Louis MO 63104


  • Competitive pay and benefits, paid holidays and vacation.

Job Requirements

  • Having worked as a florist or floral designer is helps but is not necessary. Training to learn the floral craft can take up to year in order to be a florist capable of being at a neighborhood store. All training takes place at our Florist Row Campus
  • Clean cut and well groomed
  • Be able to type well enough to enter an order in our order entry system