Flowers Fit For An Educational Hero

The first days back to school after summer break are filled with activity as a school staff prepares for the arrival of students. The secretaries, custodians, cafeteria staff, teachers and teacher’s aides and administration all work tirelessly to create the best environment for student success. This year, why not thank them up front and send them into the school year on a positive note with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Walter Knoll Florist? They will be blessed and inspired and you can know that you’ve had a hand in encouraging a successful school year.

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Easy Dorm Room Decorating for your Student

dorm room decorating

Over the next few weeks, parents will be dropping off their children in new classrooms across the Saint Louis area – some for the very first time as they experience kindergarten, and others dropping off their “babies” at college. If your child is preparing to live away from home for the first time, there are likely a lot of emotions that come to the surface. We are here to help you to make the transition just a little easier. A gift from Walter Knoll Florist will add a bit of living beauty to your dorm room decorating, with our diverse online collection of plants, flowers and gifts.

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Ideas for Back-to-School Gifts

back-to-school gifts

We had a wonderful few months here in Saint Louis, but summer vacation is quickly coming to an end. While checking to make sure that you have completed everything on your back-to-school list, don’t forget to order gifts for teachers and students heading back to class. Starting a new academic year can be exciting, but can also be a bit stressful for everyone involved. Walter Knoll Florist has some ideas for back-to-school gifts that will ease the transition into a fantastic year.

back-to-school gifts

Gifts for Teachers – A classroom gift is a thoughtful and fun way to tell your child’s new teacher that you support and appreciate them. Choose from our Back-To-School collection, for trios of some of our most popular flowers; rose, lilies or delphinium will bring color and cheer into the classroom. We also love the idea of our succulent trio, which can be educational as well as interesting for the kids.
back-to-school gifts

Gifts for Staff – Whether for the front office or the faculty conference room, a fruit basket, selection of gourmet foods or chocolates will be greatly appreciated. Who doesn’t love something to snack on during a break? A gift to these school employees will make them feel noticed and appreciated – and get the year off to a great start.

Delight School-Age Students – Children may experience some understandable anxiety before meeting a new teacher and entering a room full of new friends. Surprise them with a small gift, or vase of flowers in a whimsical container next to their breakfast. The gesture is guaranteed to make them smile.

back-to-school gifts

Surprise College Students – Beginning life in a college dorm room is certainly different than living under your roof. Surprise your student with a green plant, delivered directly to their new home. Give their space a cozy feel while promoting increased concentration and productivity. Don’t forget our College Care package, which includes warm soup and fresh bread and cookies, just like Mom used to make.

Walter Knoll Florist has the plants, flowers and gift items that will help everyone to walk confidently into the new academic year. Browse our website or stop in to speak with us – from back-to-school gifts for teachers, to care packages from home, our selection makes the grade.

Walter Knoll Back to School Gifts

back to schoolWith the new school year approaching, there has been a lot of necessary preparation. You’ve been busy shopping for school supplies, trendy outfits and new backpacks; and the excitement is growing! Regardless of the age of your child – from kindergarten to college – a gift to kick off the new academic year will let them know you are proud of them and looking forward to their new year.

For young children, aside from being with you, there is nothing quite so comforting as having a plush best friend. Our Hugga Bear bouquet will brighten their room at home with cheerful flowers, while giving them a cuddly friend to boost confidence as they step into a new classroom. Older children will love the inspiration of an indoor garden that they can keep on their desk and study; and we can guarantee that your college student is going to love getting a Gourmet Goody Basket from home, overflowing with late night snacks.

back to school

Hugga Bear Bouquet

And while teacher gifts may be more tradtional on holidays, a gift on the first day of school will let educators know that that you appreciate all their hard work on behalf of your kids. A great addition to any classroom is the Self Watering Desk Planter – a beautiful and low maintenance tropical bloom sure to be a focal point in the classroom all year round.

back to school

Self Watering Desk Planter

As St. Louis returns to school, the experts at Walter Knoll Florists have the unique ideas you seek. From teachers to students, let us help you give them a great start to the new school year. Call or stop into one of our locations today!

Back to School

Aw, there the little ones go, climbing onto the buses, heading off to start another school year. If they aren’t starting this week, they surely are next. Ah, the back yard will be peaceful again, I can have the swing to myself, maybe even read! No running to see what the latest “scream” was about.

If you are of the same frame of mind as I am, you are thinking perhaps one or more of those teachers deserve a gift, how about some Pink Lemonade Roses, or even a festive Daisy Bowl, either idea should rid you of the guilt you feel!