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Flowers Fit For An Educational Hero

The first days back to school after summer break are filled with activity as a school staff prepares for the arrival of students. The secretaries, custodians, cafeteria staff, teachers and teacher’s aides and administration all work tirelessly to create the best environment for student success. This year, why not thank them up front and send them into the school year on a positive note with a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Walter Knoll Florist? They will be blessed and inspired and you can know that you’ve had a hand in encouraging a successful school year. Read More about Flowers Fit For An Educational Hero »
Posted by wkf on July 30, 2018 back to school

Easy Dorm Room Decorating for your Student

Over the next few weeks, parents will be dropping off their children in new classrooms across the Saint Louis area - some for the very first time as they experience kindergarten, and others dropping off their "babies" at college. If your child is preparing to live away from home for the first time, there are likely a lot of emotions that come to the surface. We are here to help you to make the transition just a little easier. A gift from Walter Knoll Florist will add a bit of living beauty to your dorm room decorating, with our diverse online collection of plants, flowers and gifts. Fast Facts: Approximately 20.5 million students are planning to enter college as incoming freshmen this year; approximately 13 million of them will be living in dormitories and on-campus housing. Read More about Easy Dorm Room Decorating for your Student »
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