Autumn Brought Right To Your Table

Now that fall is upon us, it’s time to think about holiday decorating and entertaining. The design experts at Walter Knoll Florist have put together some great ideas for your fall tablescape this season.

  • Play with lighting. Whether you carve mini-pumpkins to use as tea light votives, or include rustic lanterns across your table, the unique use of light will undoubtedly create a warm, inviting vibe for you and your guests to enjoy.
  • Instead of carving pumpkins, paint them in stylish colors and scatter across your table. Use colors that complement your table settings, like gold, silver or bronze, for an upscale spin on traditional fall decor.
  • Place a tall vase at the center of your table or buffet with long bare branches, dried grasses, wheat, moss, squash and smaller pumpkins for a festive twist on a traditional centerpiece.

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Fall’s Intriguing Textures

Celebrate autumn in style this season by decorating your home with unique, inspiring touches that exude the essence of fall. The design professionals at Walter Knoll Florist have some great ideas about ways to incorporate autumn’s finest offerings into your home this season.

  • Play with color. Add beautiful fall colors throughout your home with accent pieces. Floral arrangements filled with harvest hues and autumn flowers are a perfect way to bring the crisp freshness of fall into your home this season.
  • Play with fragrance. Infuse every room in your house with delicious aromas of fall.
  • Play with texture. Borrow some of nature’s best resources for your home decor this season.

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Celebrate Autumn With Jewel-Toned Flowers

As the weather turns cooler and trees begin to shed their leaves, we begin to see reflections of autumn everywhere we look. Bring the spirit of autumn into your office and invigorate the entire staff with a fabulous bouquet of fall’s natural beauty. Walter Knoll Florist has created a stunning line of jewel-toned pieces that will add a touch of sophistication to any work space while infusing the atmosphere with all things fall.

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Celebrate The Arrival Of Autumn With A Fun Floral Idea

Autumn has descended upon us and brings with it plenty of opportunities for entertaining. Design your next table with a fabulous floral design in fall colors and fragrances. For an extra touch of the season, infuse your menu with recipes that include edible flowers. The garden-fresh feel of your meal will inspire the spirit of the season for your guests. Walter Knoll Florist has a multitude of floral designs and edible flower recipes to help you make your next get-together a success.

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The Art of Creative Fall Floral Design

fall floral design

When you think of fall flowers, a bouquet of sunflowers may come to mind – or perhaps, a cornucopia for your dinner table. And while we love both of those ideas, our experts also enjoy creating a unique and unexpected fall floral design that you won’t find anyplace else around Saint Louis. The fact is, this season is overflowing with abundant colors and textures that inspire us – so why settle for an ordinary floral bouquet or arrangement?

The fall color palette is iconic, with its classic reds, oranges and golds – but in our Last Burst design, featured below, we’ve added a pop of unexpected purple by way of tiny asters. Asters are actually one of the quintessential flowers of fall, as they thrive well into the autumn months. This vivid arrangement features other fall classics such as mums and roses , and is delivered in a autumn bucket perfect for the harvest.

fall floral design

Autumn Top Drawer, shown below, is a quaint and artistic presentation of gorgeous fall favorites such as yarrow, asters, spray roses and hypericum berries. The flowers are arranged in individual mason jars, which work together to create a truly unique and beautiful piece of home decor. (By the way this design also makes a memorable hostess gift!)

Be sure to speak with our designers about what flowers are in the shop this week – we will make sure that you receive the freshest and most colorful fall arrangement possible.

fall floral design

Fall floral design includes rich colors, robust flowers and interesting seasonal elements like stalks of wheat, cattails, seed pods, curly willow and even kale! The abundance of the fall season is celebrated through these organic elements which reflect the beauty of nature at this time of year.

No matter your style or preference, you can be assured that you will find distinctively beautiful designs at Walter Knoll Florist.

Seasonal Autumn Flowers and Centerpieces

seasonal autumn flowers

If there is one word which signifies this season, it is change. Changing leaves, changing temperatures, and changing wardrobes all generate a sense of anticipation and excitement, as our favorite holidays come into view and the vibrancy of this season is everywhere you look. From football games to pumpkin spice, we love the spirit of fall – and seasonal autumn flowers are a big part of the beauty.

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Autumn Flowers, Autumn Colors

autumn flowers

Autumn weather in St. Louis is simply perfect. With ample sunshine, comfortable days and cool evenings, outdoor activities are a must. Our favorite part of the season arrives once the leaves start to change colors, as the landscape they provide is a beautiful backdrop for fall festivities. In fact, seeing the fall colors is one of the most anticipated aspects of this time of year – whether on the trees or in the gorgeous hues of autumn flowers. To celebrate the spirit of autumn, as well as decorate your home in style for the new season, make a trip to Walter Knoll Florist one of your weekend outings.

autumn flowers

Lily Splendor combines graceful orange and yellow lilies with fiery orange roses, green mini hydrangea and the natural element of fall foliage. The decorative gold vase adds to the ambiance of the season with a rich autumnal finish. For a more spontaneous arrangement, these red, yellow and orange alstroemeria will look amazing in your home, and no one will know that you didn’t pick them yourself on your morning walk. Interspersed with maple leaves and wrapped up with a red linen bow, this design will bring all the warmth of the season into any space. autumn flowers

If you are looking for a more contemporary design, whether for your office or for the perfect “just because” gift” for a loved one, we suggest the unique Autumn Drawer. Seasonal orange roses are accented with eucalyptus, Queen Anne’s Lace and hypericum berries, resulting in autumn flowers that will stop them in their tracks with innovative beauty.

autumn flowers

Don’t forget, these designs represent only a few of the artistic arrangements created by our talented team. Shop our entire Fall Collection online, or stop by to see us. At Walter Knoll Florist, we love all things autumn – and we have the perfect fall flowers to help you celebrate this inviting and hospitable season.

Cornucopia Centerpieces

cornucopiaPerhaps the most classic symbol of the Thanksgiving meal , the cornucopia occupies a position of esteem on our holiday tables. The word cornucopia is Latin for ‘horn of plenty’, and traditionally signifies prosperity and plentiful abundance. The “horn” is so named because of a Greek legend which explained that the first cornucopia was a goat’s horn. According to mythology, the goats horn had magical powers from Zeus himself; and offered an endless supply of food and drink. Because of its symbolism which includes prosperity, good fortune and plenty, the cornucopia was linked with several diverse Greek and Roman deities; including Plutus, the god of riches, and Fortuna, the goddess of good luck.

Later generations would translate this abundant provision into baskets spilling over with nuts, berries, fruits, and flowers. The cornucopia was associated with Celtic harvest festivals in Europe; because of this, the Pilgrims would have incorporated the horn of plenty into their own harvest celebration. This may be why most associate the origin of the cornucopia with that first Thanksgiving. The hollow, horn shaped basket would have been filled with crops, wild fruits and gourds; in more modern times, flowers are generally used.

cornucopiaTo decorate your home and holiday table with beautiful autumn displays, including traditional cornucopias, come visit Walter Knoll Florist. We will work with you to create a stunning horn of plenty centerpiece, employing some of the most vibrant flowers of the season – rust and yellow mums, elegant orange roses, red carnations and more. Stop into our St. Louis flower shop to order your bouquet or centerpiece, and then relax and enjoy your meal with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving from us to you.

The Elegance of Autumn

fall flowersIt’s always exciting to start something new.

As autumn gradually eases memories of summer vacation into the background, our thoughts turn to apple picking and cider; football games and walks in the woods. And while the palettes of summer were beautiful, there is no denying that the fall landscape is one of the most anticipated of the year. From the leaves on the trees to the flowers along the roadside, the rich colors of autumn are evident everywhere you turn.

If you are looking to send a floral arrangement to someone this fall, autumn flowers offer many options, from elegant to rustic. Perhaps one of the most beloved traditions of this season is getting together with loved ones. Whether a holiday feast or gathering for the big game, the Autumn Ripple container will make any table festive. Orange roses and yellow lilies are the showpieces of this arrangement; but the it is the interesting and diverse accents that make this arrangement a seasonal showstopper. Chinese lanterns and lotus pods add visual interest, and wheat, cattails and fall leaves are the perfect details. Your table has never looked better.

fall flowers

Autumn Ripple

For that very special someone, Bursting with Autumn is a decadent and sophisticated choice. Made from such exotic flowers as mango calla lilies and ranunculus, Walter Knoll adds cattails, lotus pods and green ferns for a bouquet that is elegant; yet somehow reminiscent of a walk along the lake in fall. This truly special arrangement is guaranteed to make a lasting impression, whatever the occasion.

fall flowers

Bursting with Autumn

It won’t be long these days are gone, giving way to the cold of winter. So while autumn is here, celebrate with a visually stunning bouquet from Walter Knoll Florists. We deliver throughout St. Louis and across the miles. Call us today or stop into one of our local flower shops. You can make this season memorable, with the help of Walter Knoll.