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Go To Tuscany Through Flowers

Traveling the world and exploring new regions and countries can inspire like nothing else. Once you’ve found a special place, you want to bring back memories from that place and time as often as possible. While revisiting the exact spot may not always be possible, Walter Knoll Florist suggests using flowers directly from your favorite region to remind you of your best traveling adventure. Read More about Go To Tuscany Through Flowers »
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Giving Flowers When It Matters Most

The journey we call life is filled with significant milestones. The Walter Knoll Florist team is honored to help our St. Louis area customers celebrate those landmark moments in life - regardless of whether they’re happy or sad times. We know that there is no time when flowers don’t elicit smiles, expressions of joy, or jaw-dropping reactions to surprises. Read More about Giving Flowers When It Matters Most »
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A Gallery Of Custom Work

  February 14 is the day we show people how much we love them by giving them something special as a gift. Walter Knoll Florist can help you make Valentine’s Day unforgettable with selections from our Custom Design Gallery. Working up distinctive designs is something we love to do as it gives our designers a chance to show off their artistry and expertise. Read More about A Gallery Of Custom Work »
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Pretty Purple Flowers Inspired By Pantone’s Color Of The Year

              When's the last time you added some purple florals to your design scheme? If the answer is never, than we here at Walter Knoll Florist think it's the perfect time to start. After all, color company Pantone recently revealed their choice for 2018 Color of the Year to be Ultra Violet, an intriguing, blue-based purple. The color is mystical, majestic and meditative - not exactly a trio of words you'd think of when it comes to inspiring your space's style, but trust us, it's a good look. Read More about Pretty Purple Flowers Inspired By Pantone’s Color Of The Year »
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Sharing Kindness in Saint Louis

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" - Aesop What originated in New Zealand as a concept for sharing simple hospitality has become an internationally-recognized opportunity to spread generosity to those around us every day. Random Acts of Kindness Day is observed in the U.S. on February 17th. At Walter Knoll Florist, we believe in the positive impact that goodwill and compassion make, and encourage everyone to participate in some way.  Read More about Sharing Kindness in Saint Louis »
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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Flowers

There are many ways to say "I love you" on Valentines Day. Statistics say that the top gifts include chocolates, jewelry, a night out, and greeting cards - but not surprisingly, the top gift on Valentine's Day is flowers. In fact, nearly 65% of us will buy flowers for February 4th, and over half of those will be red roses. Still, we know that very couple is on a journey and has a unique story, so our Valentine's collection celebrates all kinds of love. If you are in Saint Louis and you are in love - we are the experts to call for the perfect bouquet. Did You Know? Twice as many men than women buy flowers on Valentine's Day.  Read More about Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Flowers »
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Holiday Gift Knitting

I’m ahead of the game this year – hoping to have dozens of knitted gifts to give – Here are 5 hats I’ve made since mid August or so Wacky Hats I especially like these two,… Read More about Holiday Gift Knitting »