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4 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents

Every year, as September nears, we start to think of autumn leaves falling and cooler weather. Since 1979, we also think of our grandparents. Grandparents Day is a holiday that we celebrate on the second Sunday after Labor Day in September. Although our grandparents means so much to us every day, this special day allows us to honor their love and devotion for us. Walter Knoll Florist can deliver your carefully chosen flowers, plants or other gifts to your grandparent’s residence, hospital, or assisted living facility anywhere in the greater St. Louis area, including Chesterfield Nursing Homes in the St. Louis area. In addition, the designers of Walter Knoll Florist are offering four ways to celebrate grandparents.  Read More about 4 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents »
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Special Floral Traditions To Share

In the 1970s, National Grandparents Day was created to given children and grandparents alike an opportunity to spend time together and highlight the special and unique relationship they shared. Children can learn so much from an older generation, and grandparents’ hearts can be filled to overflowing when they spend time with their children’s children. While Forget-Me-Nots were traditionally given on this day, the floral experts at Walter Knoll Florist suggest sending or bringing your grandparents an arrangement that has special meaning to them. Read More about Special Floral Traditions To Share »
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Flowers for Grandparents Day Celebrations

To a small child, the perfect granddad is unafraid of big dogs and fierce storms but absolutely terrified of the word "boo." ~Robert Brault Grandparents Day is observed on the first Sunday after Labor Day, and was the result of the efforts of one woman, Marian McQuade - a mother and grandmother herself. Inspired by sadness in seeing many of the elder generation living alone in nursing homes, McQuade set out to create a time of honor, remembrance and gathering. Marian's vision was not commercial in nature, rather she wished to promote togetherness and the preservation of family legacy. She hoped that families would be inspired to plan reunions and get-togethers, so that grandparents and great-grandparents could impart wisdom and share stories with the younger generations. Of course, she also hoped that grandchildren would take the opportunity to express their love. It is in this spirit that Walter Knoll Florist offers our Grandparents Day collection, guaranteed to make them smile!  Read More about Flowers for Grandparents Day Celebrations »
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