DIY Holiday Decorating

As the holidays approach, the air is filled with the scent and sounds of the season and we begin to decorate our homes with beautiful holiday decor. This year, add a personal touch to your decor with a do-it-yourself craft that complements your home perfectly. Include friends and family members for a fun holiday activity like making pine cone place cards for your holiday table. You’ll create memories to last for years to come. The floral designers at Walter Knoll Florist have created a beautiful collection of holiday floral arrangements and centerpieces that will pair perfectly with your crafts.

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Holiday Floral Planter

As we enter the holiday season, it’s time to begin thinking about decorating your home for the holidays. What a better way to decorate your living room or family room than with a little bit of fresh green foliage! Capture the spirit of the season and infuse your home with a taste of holiday cheer by including a gorgeous seasonal wreath or fabulous floral bouquet inside your home. Take a look at the beautiful collection of handmaid holiday designs, created by our very own floral artisans at Walter Knoll Florist.

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Cornucopia Centerpieces

cornucopiaPerhaps the most classic symbol of the Thanksgiving meal , the cornucopia occupies a position of esteem on our holiday tables. The word cornucopia is Latin for ‘horn of plenty’, and traditionally signifies prosperity and plentiful abundance. The “horn” is so named because of a Greek legend which explained that the first cornucopia was a goat’s horn. According to mythology, the goats horn had magical powers from Zeus himself; and offered an endless supply of food and drink. Because of its symbolism which includes prosperity, good fortune and plenty, the cornucopia was linked with several diverse Greek and Roman deities; including Plutus, the god of riches, and Fortuna, the goddess of good luck.

Later generations would translate this abundant provision into baskets spilling over with nuts, berries, fruits, and flowers. The cornucopia was associated with Celtic harvest festivals in Europe; because of this, the Pilgrims would have incorporated the horn of plenty into their own harvest celebration. This may be why most associate the origin of the cornucopia with that first Thanksgiving. The hollow, horn shaped basket would have been filled with crops, wild fruits and gourds; in more modern times, flowers are generally used.

cornucopiaTo decorate your home and holiday table with beautiful autumn displays, including traditional cornucopias, come visit Walter Knoll Florist. We will work with you to create a stunning horn of plenty centerpiece, employing some of the most vibrant flowers of the season – rust and yellow mums, elegant orange roses, red carnations and more. Stop into our St. Louis flower shop to order your bouquet or centerpiece, and then relax and enjoy your meal with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving from us to you.

Thanksgiving Traditions

thanksgivingWhen you think of Thanksgiving, what comes to mind?


In the most ancient of harvest festivals, fierce sporting competitions and games were a part of the festivities. So perhaps it is no wonder that we still look to sports to entertain us during our “harvest” gathering. From the high school level up to the NFL, football is a Turkey Day tradition. But in many cases, one need look no farther than the backyard – many families hold cherished annual football games that can get every bit as competitive as the pros – not to mention work up a great appetite!


Thanksgiving Day parades are also a beloved way to make the time pass before dinner; the New York City Macy’s Day Parade being the most iconic. Few people realize that the parade was instituted in 1924 for a very non-sentimental reason. Wanting to maximize the retail opportunity of the Christmas season, large department stores put on massive shows to draw in the customers and begin the holiday retail season. Macy’s wasn’t the first store to hold a parade – Gimbel’s owns that honor – but the Macy’s parade is the one that has continued through the decades, right up until present day.



Of course, the most anticipated part of Thanksgiving is dinner! Inspired by the legendary feast of 1621, when Pilgrims hosted the Indians to thank them for their help with the crops – modern day Thanksgiving is still an abundant harvest of food. While turkeys were served at that first event, they were not by any means the main course – there was also deer, seafood and many fruits and vegetables. No one really knows why the turkey has emerged as the entree of choice, but there is no denying it is – it is estimated that 95% of us will enjoy the bird this Thanksgiving.


The holiday table, and those gathered around it, remains the truest expression of Thanksgiving. The vibrant autumn centerpieces and fall bouquets from Walter Knoll Florist are sure to bring beauty and charm to any dinner table this Thanksgiving. Come into one our St. Louis flower shops to order your Thanksgiving centerpiece today – and then you can concentrate on practicing for the big game!


Ringing the New Year in with Flowers

shutterstock_229555180As the new year approaches, you have your mind on one thing—the party! What should you do to get ready for this big event? If you are like most people, you find that trying to decorate for a New Year’s party is particularly difficult. After all, there are no particular decorations that scream happy new year. That is why flowers are such a great choice. Consider one of these fun options for ringing in the new year.

Cheers to a New Year – The Cheers to a New Year Bouquet is the perfect centerpiece option. It offers both floral arrangements and a candle piece that is ideal for both new year’s eve and the big day both. It will look good for days into the new year too.

Green Rose Cocktail – If the big party on New Year’s Eve is all you can think about, perhaps this cocktail-style floral arrangement would be the perfect choice for you. The green color is vibrant and brings to mind the spirit of rebirth that is so important in the new year.


Amethyst Dreams

Amethyst Dreams – Sometimes you want something that is a little more understated than a floral cocktail or something specifically designed for the new year. This is where the Amethyst Dreams arrangement will fit in perfectly. This is a gorgeous display that will be perfect for new year, but also look great on your desk or table for days to come. Nothing makes a better new year’s gift for yourself or someone you love to ring in the new year than this does!

If you’d like to talk more about the floral options available to you this new year or any other time, why not call the experts? Walter Knoll Florist has been serving the area since 1883. We offer a personal touch that is unmatched by any other florist anywhere.


Getting Ready for Your Holiday Wedding

The holiday season is a time forshutterstock_77685085 family and merriment, and it’s a beautiful time for a wedding. You’ll trade the summer sun for a winter wonderland, and you’ll love getting creative with your colors, flowers, and décor.

Making the Ceremony Beautiful with Color

The colors of Christmas and the New Year lend themselves beautifully to your floral arrangements and your official wedding colors. If you want your guests to feel like they’ve been transported to a winter wonderland, you’ll want to infuse your bouquets,centerpieces, and garlands with colors like white, silver, and frosty blue.

Or, you might think about a color combination like gold, green, and ivory, which looks incredible with flowers like roses and lilies, particularly when paired with evergreens and tapers. Imagine your wedding party’s bouquets filled with red carnations, ivory roses, and white spider mums.

Holiday Spice and Inspired Décorrosebouquet565369060619121747

You may infuse your wedding with as much or as little of the holiday spirit as you’d like, and there are some truly lovely ways to create a cozy reception, even if you’ve got 300 guests coming for the event. Place little bowls of sugarplums on your guests’ tables or serve hot chocolate and cappuccino at the bar alongside everyone’s favorite holiday mixed drinks.

A Christmas wedding is also the perfect time to get carried away in a horse-drawn sleigh or carriage. Why go with a limousine that everyone’s seen before when you can arrive at your reception in a carriage?

Celebrating Winter, RenewTF16103EH149149060619122818al, and the New Year

The summer solstice happens around the 22nd of December, and Christmas arrives a few days later. Although December usually features wintery temperatures, it’s actually the point at which the days begin to get just a little longer. Through blankets of snow, the excitement of the New Year ushers in the promise of spring, growth, and renewal.

Celebrate the start of your marriage and the beauty of the season with arrangements of holiday evergreens, pinecones, and roses. “Deck the Halls” of your wedding in hues of emerald green, and make your guests feel like they’ve come to a secret forest with woodland elves and sprites.

Start planning early for your holiday wedding, so you don’t miss out on your favorite venues and flowers, and so your guests are available for your big day. You’ll love getting married during the magic of the holiday season.


Using Flowers to Decorate this Christmas

The holidays bring festive sightsshutterstock_235167862, sounds and lots of holiday cheer. It’s the perfect time to reconnect with family and friends while reflecting about the highlights of the year gone by. Whether you’re invited to holiday gatherings or are hosting your own, flowers can help to provide the ideal setting for a Christmas celebration. Adorn your own home or surprise your host with these holiday flower gift and decor ideas:

A Candlelight Christmas

A Candlelight Christmas Centerpiece

Going Traditional

Traditional Christmas plants and flowers are a classic way to set the scene and get everyone in the holiday mood. These festive Christmas flower decor accents have red and green as the central theme.

Holiday centerpieces. The holiday centerpiece brings a warm, inviting focal point to your gathering. A Candlelight Christmas will light up your table with your choice of one, two or three taper candles surrounded by holiday greenery, red carnations, white mums, faux berries, pine cones, and small metallic red ornaments. 

Poinsettia. The classic holiday poinsettia plant combines stunning bright red leaves with dark greenery and is the perfect holiday accent plant. Buy poinsettia on its own in Winter’s Kiss, or get it mingled with other flowers as in the O Come All Ye arrangement, which includes a poinsettia plus elements that could include ferns, cyclamen, kalanchoe, ivy, azalea, African violet, peace lily, prayer plant, diffenbachia, and more.

Home for the Holidays!

Home For the Holidays Arrangement

Elegant Winter Decor Alternatives

While red and green epitomize Christmas, you can also break with tradition and still dazzle them with your decor. Lily accents and all-white bouquets are two striking ways to do this.

Stunning holiday lilies. An unexpected but beautiful approach to Christmas decorating is holiday lilies. Home for the Holidays combines stargazer lilies with red roses and greenery for a breathtaking effect. The Christmas Waltz features calla lilies along with mini hydrangeas and holiday accents in understated gold, umber and sepia tones.

 Winter white flowers call to mind a pristine snowfall and can bring an elegant touch to any holiday celebration. Celebrate gathers together white lilies and roses along with evergreens, gold glitter ornaments and two taper candles in an artistic glass cube vase. Winter’s Friend combines white roses, carnations and button poms with a smiling white snowman accent.

Whether you opt for traditional red and green or non-traditional arrangements, these flower ideas are sure to enhance your Christmas gatherings.


Using Flowers to Decorate this Hanukkah

shutterstock_167364551Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is a festive time of year for Jewish families as they look back and celebrate the Miracle of Oil and the rededication of the Temple. As your family celebrates Hanukkah and decorates for this festive season, be ready with fresh flowers for your Hanukkah celebration. Since Hanukkah falls in the middle of winter, this is a great time to bring the freshness of flowers into your home as you rejoice in being around loved ones and enjoying the history and culture of your people.

Blue and White Flowers Embrace the Festival of Lights

As you shop for Hanukkah flowers, you will find that most options come in beautiful blues and whites. This is because blue and white are the traditional flowers of Hanukkah. These flower arrangements will go with your existing Hanukkah decor or can stand alone to grace the table at your Hanukkah meal.

Hanukkah Arrangements to Considerzoom_wkC7807112592418

Hanukkah arrangements can come in just about any combination of blue and white flowers, but you will commonly find alstroemeria in these arrangements. White poinsettias, a winter staple, are another festive flower to consider. Lilies, blue roses and chrysanthemums are also common. No matter which flower you choose, it will be a welcome addition to your home as you decorate for the season.

If you are shopping for a centerpiece, consider A Beautiful Centerpiece. The blue delphinium, white lilies and dedrobium orchids in this beautiful arrangement contrast with the scent and look of roses to bring a festive touch to your table. For a piece to grace your entryway table, the tall, bold and beautiful of Lights Bouquet is perfect. It comes with irises, hydrangea, larkspur, delphinium and lilies to be a fragrant and stunning addition to your home. Hanukkah Time pairs gorgeous white flowers with gold metallic balls and a blue and gold sparkling vase for a festive look.

With each of these arrangements, you can turn your home into a festive, welcoming space as you celebrate with friends and family. Order soon to ensure that you can have fresh flowers as part of your celebration.


Always the Perfect Gift

We’ve all been there, that excitincentral-square-14112684122-1g moment just before opening the gift you’ve been dreaming about from your spouse, significant other, or good friend. Did they remember all the ideas you gave them? Did they pick up on all of those subtle hints you’ve been dropping for months? Holding back your excitement you unwrap the box slowly and… “Wow, it’s really… um… unique. Thanks…” Do they know you at all?


Every year more and more people are a victim of that less-than-perfect holiday gift. Everyone knows what it’s like to open that bizarre gift. This holiday season you have the chance to change all of that and bring thoughtful joy to someone’s holiday with flowers. No more unexcited responses, flowers truly are the perfect gift.


thumbnailHome for the Holidays is an absolutely beautiful arrangement of red roses and stargazer lilies that are simply trimmed with holiday evergreens, glitter ribbon and presented in mercury-glass pedestal look bowl. What could could be more perfect for the holidays?

Give us your story. What’s the weirdest gift you’ve received? How did you react? Did you pretend to love it or give them a more honest response? Watch our video and share your weirdest gift ever received to be entered in our special holiday sweepstakes for your chance to win a $100 gift card from Walter Knoll Florist. Make this year special, by giving the perfect gift this holiday season.


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Using Flowers to Decorate this Thanksgiving

Thanksgivshutterstock_223853083ing is quickly approaching, which means families everywhere are scrambling to get ready for a delightful feast with their friends and families. As the cool weather moves in across the country, people find themselves spending an increasing amount of time indoors. Flowers can be an excellent way to decorate the home for this upcoming holiday while also adding some life and joy inside. They can be used throughout the home to liven the spirits of those who come to celebrate. Here are some fantastic ways that flowers can be used this Thanksgiving.

Flowers as a centerpiece

A well-chosen centerpiece will help pull the table together as people sit down to enjoy their delectable feast. The flowers in such a centerpiece can perfectly complement the fall colors that are so popular this time of year. Popular fall flowers, such as carnations and sunflowers are excellent choices for any arrangement during the season. Add some candles and discover the perfect centerpiece for this year’s delicious dinner.

Adding some color to the kitchen or living room

Many delightful fall flowers can add a splash of color, such as yellows and oranges, to the room. Help spread the holiday spirit from room to room by adding additional arrangements to other areas of the house where people tend to congregate to socialize and entertain themselves before and after dinner. Go for bright yellows and reds that will help add a smile to anyones face. Mums in particular tend to be great options for this type of arrangement.

Make the fireplace mantles or decorative shelving more festivezoom_T3424web-141008111301

Adding a Thanksgiving themed arrangement to a fireplace mantle or other decorative shelving is a wonderful way to add even more color and holiday spirit to the home. These decorative areas can easily help the entire room feel as though it is ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. If the homeowner can find a fun basket to hold the arrangement, such as one in the shape of a , it can help make the arrangement even more in the holiday spirit. Look for arrangements that include beautiful, bold colors like oranges, reds, and purples. Flowers such as roses, carnations tend to look particularly spectacular.

Adding some flowers to the home in preparation for Thanksgiving can be a wonderful way to dress up the home in preparation for the holiday. Use the above ideas to get started planning the best arrangements for a particular location and let the flowers help set the mood before the guests even arrive.