Tips for Beautiful Homecoming Flowers

homecoming flowers

Whether you are currently a student or returning to your school for a nostalgic visit, there is no doubt that homecoming weekend is a special time. The formal dance is the highlight of the weekend for many, and flowers are an important part of that event. Walter Knoll Florist has been creating uniquely beautiful corsages, boutonnieres and wearable flowers for over a century, and we look forward to ensuring that you look your best for this special occasion.

Here are a few tips from the experts, to help you to design the most beautiful homecoming flowers.  Continue reading

Homecoming – A Night to Remember


Homecoming is an important tradition in high schools across the country. Whether your school celebrates with a football game, senior night or parade, nearly all schools have a homecoming dance. And in the Saint Louis area, Walter Knoll Florist is the place to get the most beautiful corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets for this very special evening. Here are just a few of the options, but we encourage you to browse our entire collection of formal flowers  – and get inspired! homecoming

Corsages are customary at formal dances, but that doesn’t mean that your flowers have to be traditional, as evidenced by this gorgeous orchid wristlet. Purple dendrobium orchids are accented with delicate chamelaucium flowers and a decorative silver ribbon for a truly different and exotic look – white orchids are also available if you prefer.

For a more formal aesthetic, sweetheart roses accented by the champagne rhinestone bracelet present a lush and romantic corsage. This luxurious design is available in hot pink, light pink, red, orange, lavender, and yellow – meaning that there is a corsage sure to match any dress!


The idea of a boutonniere is that a lady “plucks” a flower from her bouquet or corsage and pins it on her date. In this way, everyone knows that the couple is together. Walter Knoll Florist is happy to create unique boutonnieres that match any corsage or wristlet that is designed for her. Although roses and carnations are the traditional flowers used to adorn a lapel, we can use virtually any flower – such as this gorgeous blue delphinium boutonniere with bear grass. homecoming

Once the homecoming dress is picked out, stop by one of our St. Louis area flower shops – also in Ballwin, Arnold and O’Fallon – and choose the perfect corsage and boutonniere for the occasion. Homecoming is a longstanding tradition, but only one homecoming dance is yours. Make it special with flowers from Walter Knoll Florist.