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Flowers Make the Best Spring Refresher

By wkf on April 2, 2018 in Spring. 0 Comments

When springtime finally arrives and the world begins growing once again, it seems everyone wants to bring a piece of the outdoors inside: the beautiful weather, cheerful sunshine and, of course, the colorful and fragrant blossoming flowers. At Walter Knoll Florist, we have a wide variety of fragrant springtime flowers and a multitude of unique designs to help you refresh and update your indoor spaces to celebrate the new season. Read More about Flowers Make the Best Spring Refresher

How To Get The Scent Of Spring In A Vase

By wkf on March 19, 2018 in Spring. 0 Comments

Now that we’re on Daylight Savings Time, it stands to reason that we’d be hopeful that warmer temperatures would be here to stay. Sadly, that’s never the case with weather in St. Louis - and most other parts of the country for that matter. Mother Nature keeps teasing us with a taste of spring, only to turn around and unleash cooler temperatures the next day. If you’re as impatient as the Walter Knoll Florist team is, there’s only one solution that’s guaranteed to help us deal with the uncertainty of spring until there’s proof that it’s here to stay. That solution involves filling any or every room in your home or workplace with the smell of spring - in the form of vases full of fragrant flowers. Read More about How To Get The Scent Of Spring In A Vase

Spring’s Prettiest Flowers

By wkf on March 12, 2018 in flowers, Spring, walter knoll florist. 0 Comments

Spring officially starts on March 20th this year. But Saint Louis residents, like all Midwesterners, know that our weather is highly variable and subject to every known extreme. Between now and then, anything is possible, and garden season is still a month or two away. For the time being, Walter Knoll Florist encourages you to infuse your home or workplace (preferably both), with a taste of spring through flowers, of course. Read More about Spring’s Prettiest Flowers

Designing Spring and Seasonal Flowers

By wkf on February 12, 2017 in flowers, Spring. 0 Comments

With only a few weeks of winter left, it is time to start dreaming of warmer temperatures and bright spring days. As floral designers, we are looking forward to the new vivid colors and interesting artistic possibilities of the spring seasonal flowers. Here at Walter Knoll Florist, we know that the best way to show you how beautiful these flowers are is to show you first hand, so here are a few of our favorite spring designs. Whether you are sending flowers for a special occasion, or simply to say hello - you simply cannot go wrong with these new seasonal arrangements. What can we make for you?  Read More about Designing Spring and Seasonal Flowers