Fitting Flowers For Teachers And Nurses

There are some women in our lives who could only be described as ‘Super Ladies’. They are in our schools, in our hospitals, and in our doctor’s offices; our nurses and teachers. These inspiring women demonstrate strength, compassion, determination, and selflessness as they help the rest of us succeed. The women who embody these roles deserve to be thanked, to be shown just how much we appreciate them. The florists at Walter Knoll Florist wanted to design arrangements that would help you say ‘thank you’ to the teachers and nurses in your life.

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Flowers to Show Gratitude to Teachers & Nurses

nursesThere are people around us every day that are doing great things – but their efforts seem to go unnoticed by most. However, if you asked people across St, Louis if they could recall a teacher that had influenced them, they would likely have a story to tell. Likewise, if you asked about a hospital stay the chances are excellent that they would have great things to say about their nurse. Although the two professions are very different, they have one characteristic in common – both nurses and teachers lead with their hearts when dealing with those in their charge. In the process, they encourage, comfort, and inspire us. Both teachers and nurses are being celebrated in May, and it is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to let them know just how much they matter.

Mark Your Calendars: National Nurses Week is May 6-12, with National Nurse Day being recognized on May 6. National Teachers Week is May 7-13, with National Teachers Day falling on May 9. Shop our special Teachers & Nurses Collection now!  Continue reading

Back to School

Aw, there the little ones go, climbing onto the buses, heading off to start another school year. If they aren’t starting this week, they surely are next. Ah, the back yard will be peaceful again, I can have the swing to myself, maybe even read! No running to see what the latest “scream” was about.

If you are of the same frame of mind as I am, you are thinking perhaps one or more of those teachers deserve a gift, how about some Pink Lemonade Roses, or even a festive Daisy Bowl, either idea should rid you of the guilt you feel!