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Bountiful Baskets for Secret Santas

One of the best ways to inject some holiday spirit into the workplace or among a group of friends is to set up a Secret Santa. This group gift swap is popular in the West, where it goes by many names and several iterations, but always operates on the same principle: the gift giver's identity is kept secret from the recipient. At Walter Knoll Florist, we love any and all gift-giving scenarios, and Secret Santa is no exception. On the other hand, it's the kind of exchange that presents a particular challenge. Namely, the fact that you may not know the tastes and preferences of your recipient. Read More about Bountiful Baskets for Secret Santas »
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Holiday Inspiration for Secret Santa

Tis the season of wandering the mall and searching the aisles in pursuit of the perfect gift. There are some people on your list that you know exactly what to purchase for them, but many others that require a lot of thought. And while you may be tempted to just pick up any old item for your Secret Santa, the experts at Walter Knoll Florist have a much better idea. This year, become a gift-giving hero, with unique and beautiful living gifts from our flower shop. Floral Designs for Christmas? Flowers are an excellent Christmas gift. A recent study found that when people receive flowers, their happiness levels immediately increase. That's right, flowers can actually put the "merry" in Merry Christmas. Besides, we deliver right to home or office and can keep your identity secret. Read More about Holiday Inspiration for Secret Santa »
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