A white ceramic dish holding lush green wintergreens and blooming amaryllis bulbs, celebrating the beauty of Christmas traditions in a festive arrangement.

Amaryllis Dish Garden

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Embrace the enchanting tradition of Christmas Amaryllis with our exquisite Amaryllis Dish Garden! This captivating creation, nestled in a white ceramic dish, showcases the enduring beauty of amaryllis bulbs alongside wintergreens. Transport yourself to the heart of the season with this stunning blend of nature's elegance and festive spirit.

This product often is sent without any showing blooms for your recipient to enjoy watching the piece grow and bloom in their homes. 

Festive Tradition: Their stunning blooms and rich colors, particularly red and white varieties, align well with the festive spirit of the holiday season, making them popular choices for decorations and gifts during winter holidays like Christmas.

Indoor Blooming: Amaryllis bulbs can be forced to bloom indoors during the winter months, providing a burst of vibrant color and beauty at a time when outdoor gardens might be dormant or less lively due to colder weather.

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