Calla Lily Expression: Large white calla lilies in a bold red vase, symbolizing love and elegance – a timeless masterpiece for special moments.

Calla Lily Expression

Elevate your expression of love with the exquisite "Calla Lily Expression" – a symphony of elegance and beauty. Featuring a stunning red vase brimming with large, pristine white calla lilies, this arrangement is a timeless masterpiece that transcends ordinary gestures.

The calla lily, a classic wedding flower symbolizing marital bliss, takes center stage in this high-end floral ensemble. Renowned for its association with pure devotion and admiration, the calla lily radiates love. The bold red vase enhances the overall size and allure, making it an ideal statement piece for special occasions or a stunning addition to your space.

  • Large White Calla Lilies
  • Exceptional foliage of Robellini Palms, Lemon Leaf, and Curly Willow
  • Bold Red Vase
  • 27" Tall!

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