Bring the warmth of sunshine into any room with our You Are My Sunshine bouquet. This delightful arrangement captures the joyful essence of a bright sunny day, making it a perfect gift for celebrating a new baby, cheering up a loved one, or simply brightening up any space.

The centerpiece of our You Are My Sunshine bouquet are the radiant sunflowers, their golden petals symbolizing warmth and happiness. Alongside these sun-kissed beauties are cheerful yellow miniature roses, whose vibrant hues encapsulate joy and friendship. This joyful palette is beautifully complemented by the soft clouds of baby's breath, golden rod, and the unique touch of blue thistle.

All these enchanting blooms are thoughtfully arranged in a "You Are My Sunshine" wooden box. This rustic container not only adds to the charm of the arrangement but also serves as a wonderful keepsake. The wooden box can be reused in the home to hold small items, plant other flowers, or just to bring a touch of summer sunshine to any room.

Our You Are My Sunshine bouquet is more than just a floral arrangement - it's a celebration of joy, warmth, and affection. It's the perfect way to express your sentiments and brighten someone's day, just like the sun breaking through the clouds on a warm morning.

Embrace the joy of giving with our You Are My Sunshine bouquet. It's a vibrant, heartwarming arrangement that brings a ray of sunshine to any occasion. Order your You Are My Sunshine bouquet today, and let the warmth of your sentiments shine brightly in this beautiful floral display.



  • "You Are My Sunshine" wooden box
  • Sunflowers
  • Miniature Yellow Roses
  • Baby's Breath
  • Golden Rod
  • Blue Thistle

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