Cherish and honor precious moments with the graceful Ivory Praying Angel, an emblem of serenity, faith, and comfort. This elegant keepsake is a meaningful gift that expresses love, sympathy, and care in times of joy or sorrow.

Standing at 10.5 inches, this Ivory Praying Angel is crafted with intricate detailing that captures the tenderness of an angel in prayer. Its smooth ivory finish lends it a soothing appearance, exuding a calming presence. The delicate features, flowing gown, and hands devoutly clasped in prayer evoke a sense of tranquility and reverence.

This classic keepsake is versatile and can be presented in various ways to suit the occasion. Whether you opt to send it elegantly wrapped as a stand-alone gift or wish to incorporate it into a floral arrangement or plant, it serves as a poignant tribute or a token of love.

The Ivory Praying Angel is more than just a decorative piece; it’s a symbol of solace and hope that can be placed in a special spot in the home, serving as a gentle reminder of loved ones or cherished moments.

If you choose to have this angel placed into an arrangement or plant, it seamlessly blends in, enhancing the beauty of the flowers or greenery while adding a touch of spiritual grace. If sent wrapped, it serves as a distinguished gift that the recipient can hold close to their heart.

When placing your order, please let us know in the special instructions how you would like the Ivory Praying Angel to be sent. Whatever your preference, rest assured that this tender keepsake will be greatly appreciated by the family or the recipient, serving as a timeless symbol of love, faith, and serenity.

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