Radiant red rose casket spray, a heartfelt tribute filled with enduring love.

Rose Casket Cover

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Our All Red Rose Casket Spray is a profound tribute to a life filled with love. Each velvety petal whispers stories of affection, respect, and cherished moments. These radiant red roses, meticulously arranged, create a tapestry of devotion and remembrance. Their timeless beauty captures the essence of profound emotions, allowing you to bid farewell with a symbol of unending affection. As you honor your loved one's journey, let the sea of red roses stand as a testament to the enduring love that forever binds you, creating a poignant and heartfelt farewell.

  • Simple Rose Casket Cover features 40 Red Roses
  • Standard Rose Casket Cover features 60 Red Roses
  • Premium Rose Casket Cover features 80 Red Roses
  • Full Casket Cover is appropriate for a closed casket featuring 100 Red Roses

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