Ceramic plants with orchids flowering

NOTE: This item is a Walter Knoll Florist exclusive arrangement and is deliverable only to the St. Louis metropolitan area. Thank you for shopping local!


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Unveiling the Premium Orchid, a Walter Knoll Florist exclusive arrangement. This masterpiece is a spectacular display of nature's beauty, with four double bloom Large Phalaenopsis Orchids gracing a classic white ceramic pot. Available exclusively for the St. Louis metropolitan area, it's our way of saying thank you for supporting local businesses.

Each Orchid is meticulously chosen, their vibrant colors contrasting beautifully against the timeless elegance of the white ceramic pot. The differing petals of these Orchids create an exquisite visual texture, making this arrangement a true work of art.

Despite their delicate appearance, these Orchids are surprisingly hardy. They make for excellent houseplants, requiring minimal care and thriving in different conditions. This floor display is not just an ornament, but a living, breathing piece of nature that adds life and elegance to your space.

Orchids are unique for their blooming stages, teaching us patience and anticipation as we await their stunning reblooms. But as any Orchid lover would tell you, it's always worth the wait.

Choose the Premium Orchid arrangement for a captivating display of nature's finest. Experience the joy of nurturing these stunning blooms and watch as they bring a touch of tropical allure to your space. Let the Premium Orchid make a statement in your home or office.

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