Covid-19 Operations

WKF is in limited operation. We are delivering the products with NO Contact, just like Amazon. That is you can order and we will contact the recipient and arrange for the item to be left in a secure location. We have arrangements with funeral homes to be able to deliver sympathy orders to them.

WKF is requiring appropriate SOCIAL DISTANCING. The WKF standard is 10 feet with no contact. WKF is requiring appropriate hygiene for employees and products. We are using hospital-grade sanitizers on all surfaces, touch-points, and tools several times a day. WKF is requiring all employees to wash their hands when they enter the facility and a minimum of once an hour or any time they have done any activity that warrants a hand washing.  We also have a designated full-time cleaner do items such as doorknobs, as well as sanitizing the floor.

No WKF employee is allowed to be working if they have a fever, any flu-like symptoms, or has been in contact with anyone that has, or has traveled from a high-risk area. 

WKF customer care staff, event and wedding staff, bookkeeping, much of the management are working from home as well. We are keeping with the rules of how many people can be at a location (currently 10) and working with only essential staff on site. 

WKF Branch stores of Ballwin, Ladue, Ofallon, and South County are completely closed. WKF's main location is closed to customers.

The answer is YES. We are doing delivery with no contact just like Amazon. We are contacting all recipients (by phone) and asking how and where to leave their package.

Please make sure we have a good phone number for you and the recipient.

WKF is a delivery service similar to FedEx in this case.

Ballwin, Ladue, Ofallon, and South County are completely closed. WKF downtown is in very limited operation.  Mostly the Knoll family, we are making funeral orders and sending products out for other orders. Customers are not allowed inside the downtown store, you may request that we leave the product on the outside curb for pickup if you like. 

We are planning and prepared to continue to maintain your plants. You should contact David Knoll at (314) 633-8770 at your earliest convenience.  We may need to arrange for access if your building is closed. 

We have several options available.  You may elect to take care of your own plants during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

It is our intent to work out the best situation possible for everyone concerned. 

We will first call the recipient and ask where to leave the package. If we do not get a response we will leave the package as best as we can and leave a message for the recipient that the package has been delivered and where it is. The delivery person may if there is no answer at the recipient attempt a call to the sender.  

WKF is practicing no contact delivery and 10-foot social distancing. 

At this time our normal operating procedure of taking a delivery to a neighbor has been suspended. 

If we can make a close substitution we will and let you know. If we do not have a suitable item we will call and arrange what ever you wish.

For the most part, they are on hold. If you are having WKF provide wedding flowers in the next few weeks we will have been in touch with you.  We will help make anything we can work when things get back to normal.  Wedding consultants are working at home and have access to all our systems,  We can conduct a consultation remotely,  Please contact the wedding and events team from 9a to 3p Monday to Saturday 314.633.8780. You may also contact them at 

Sorry but for now the answer is no,  We don't like to say no at WKF but here are two reasons.

  • Most hospitals have stopped because there are no volunteers to be assisting.
  • Because Covid-19 is present at all hospitals WKF is not putting delivery personnel at-risk. 

The answer is most likely, we will contact the facility and see if they will accept a no contact delivery. You can place the order and if we have an issue we will contact you.