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Celebrate Summer with Beautiful & Bright Botanicals

Bring the vibrant colors of summer into your home with beautiful blooms. This is the time of year where plants, flowers, and everything botanical is thriving. For an instant home makeover, place summer blossoms in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or anywhere you want to liven up the area. Here Walter Knoll Florist, the premier floral shop in St. Louis we love this time of year as we’re surrounded by so many gorgeous plants and flowers. For some of our favorite summer botanicals, and ones that are perfect for brightening your home, keep reading!

Summer’s All-Star Flowers

Lush, yet delicate, growing in vibrant bold colors, these popular flowers thrive during the summer.


Roses enjoy the summer sun and flourish in every color imaginable. Their lush blooms and sweet scents are why they are so popular.


These sumptuous blooms are eye-catching and dazzling! Coming in a variety of colors, dahlias stand out wherever they are.


Another bountiful bloom, the gorgeous peony is a favorite among June brides. Linked to romanticism and happiness, this flower is luxurious.


Such a bright and cheery flower, it wouldn’t be summer without the vibrant sunflower. Grown in large and small sizes, this bloom stands out regardless.


Is there anything more charming than a vase of daisies? We don’t think so.

Blooms of Summer Not Be Missed

These lesser-known summer flowers are no less spectacular than the more popular ones. Perhaps you’ll discover a new favorite.


Lush, delicate, and frilly, the lisianthus is gaining in popularity and also makes a great substitute for the rose.


Colorful and lovely, these pretty blooms have a sweet scent and come in a variety of bright colors.


These colorful star-like blooms resemble the daisy but have thinner and more abundant petals. Their texture and shape make them a great choice for filling in gaps in floral arrangements.


Beloved for its striking and intense blue color, cornflowers are frilly and delightful.


The small waxflower is charming and attractive. They come in colors ranging from lavender, pink, red, and white and are often featured in weddings.


A delicate wildflower with a bold presence, cosmos blooms are full of spirit and vitality. Placed by themselves in a vase or as part of a bouquet, these lovely flowers always stand out.

There are so many amazing summer blooms we wish we could list them all. Their color, magnetism, and vitality really shine through. A bouquet of bright summer blooms is sure to revitalize any home as well as put a smile on everyone’s face. Before the summer season is over, make you bring some summer into your home to benefit from their warmth, joy, and beauty. If you know someone who could use an instant pick-me-up, send them a bouquet of summer blooms to lift their spirits.

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