Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Flowers

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There are many ways to say “I love you” on Valentines Day. Statistics say that the top gifts include chocolates, jewelry, a night out, and greeting cards – but not surprisingly, the top gift on Valentine’s Day is flowers. In fact, nearly 65% of us will buy flowers for February 4th, and over half of those will be red roses. Still, we know that very couple is on a journey and has a unique story, so our Valentine’s collection celebrates all kinds of love. If you are in Saint Louis and you are in love – we are the experts to call for the perfect bouquet.

Did You Know? Twice as many men than women buy flowers on Valentine’s Day. 

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a popular day for first dates – and if it works out, the fact that your first date was on the most romantic day of the year is a great story! Flowers are a given on this day, but you don’t want to look too presumptuous, so we recommend tulips or daisies in bright colors. Both of these flowers represent the hope and optimism of a first date.

Did You Know? Over 224 million roses are cultivated specifically to meet the demand on Valentine’s Day annually.

Valentine's Day

If you love roses but want something a little different than the tradition rose bouquet. look for a creative design like a compact rose cube; or use the red roses interspersed with other bloom, such as alstroemeria, lilies, or hydrangea. If you are having flowers delivered to a home or office, a decorative vase or cube is perfect. A loose bouquet may be more appropriate if you are handing the flowers to them personally. Valentine's Day

Of course, the reigning champion of Valentine’s Day is the long-stemmed red rose, as they represent over 50% of the flowers sold on this romantic holiday. And it is no wonder, as they convey lasting love, undying affection, and fiery passion. They are also the most popular choice for those getting engaged – nearly 6 million couples per year!

Valentine's Day

Walter Knoll Florist has been a part of Saint Louis love stories for over 130 years – that’s a lot of love! We look forward to helping you with the perfect Valentine;s Day flowers to tell your story. Call us today and beat the rush!


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