Autumn Brought Right To Your Table

Now that fall is upon us, it’s time to think about holiday decorating and entertaining. The design experts at Walter Knoll Florist have put together some great ideas for your fall tablescape this season.

  • Play with lighting. Whether you carve mini-pumpkins to use as tea light votives, or include rustic lanterns across your table, the unique use of light will undoubtedly create a warm, inviting vibe for you and your guests to enjoy.
  • Instead of carving pumpkins, paint them in stylish colors and scatter across your table. Use colors that complement your table settings, like gold, silver or bronze, for an upscale spin on traditional fall decor.
  • Place a tall vase at the center of your table or buffet with long bare branches, dried grasses, wheat, moss, squash and smaller pumpkins for a festive twist on a traditional centerpiece.

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Flowers Fit For A Summertime Soiree

Now that summertime is here, hosting formal dinner parties takes on a new feel. Options open up that are unavailable during cooler months. Now is the season for outdoor entertaining, so menu options include lighter fare, and brighter colors are brought into the decor. As you plan your next dinner party this season, make sure it’s sensational by including flowers from Walter Knoll Florist that pair beautifully with your entire event. We have a wide variety of formal bouquets that will give you plenty of options.

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The Bonds Between Sisters & Friends


Sisterhood and friendship can be some of the strongest relationships we experience. The first Sunday in August is National Friends & Sisters Day and is the perfect chance for you to honor, encourage or send love to your sister or best friend. Walter Knoll Florist knows how special these individuals are in your life. We’re ready to help you celebrate them with gifts and flowers that are perfect for the occasion!

Fun Facts About Sisters: 

Did you know that the oldest sister is typically the protector, the advice-giver, the confidant? Younger sisters often look to the older sister for advice and encouragement- and sometimes a sense of safety. Younger sisters also tend to be the attention-seekers. And the middle sister? She’s usually the best one at compromise, since she can shift between being the older and younger sister. Which one you are might truly help you appreciate the bond between your sister and you!


The fun, colorful Summer Pitcher, featured above, is full of bright blooms and cheerful whimsy. Bouquets like this (as well as many in our collections) will beautifully express your gratitude for years of fun and laughter.

Why We Need Friends: Throughout our lives, our friends are exceptionally important to our social development. As young children, friends teach us basic interpersonal skills. As teenagers, friends teach us how to navigate relationships with people who are different from us. And as adults, friends help us to determine priorities.

Whether she lives in St. Louis or across the country, your bond is unbreakable –  this August, celebrate National Friendship Day and National Sisters Day by calling the floral experts at Walter Knoll Florist. We’ll deliver the perfect arrangement to convey your love and friendship.

Butterflies, Bees & Flower Gardens

flower gardens The natural world is a synergistic system, in which the individual components rely on each other for survival. The insects need flowers for food, the flowers need the insects for pollination, and in turn, humans need the bees to sustain our food supply. Because we are all so interconnected, it only makes sense for us to help support the bees and butterflies by providing them with a safe haven. (Not to mention, watching them work is fascinating!) At Walter Knoll Florist, you’ll find all the floral expertise you need to plan your very own Saint Louis butterfly garden for your patio or backyard.

But Won’t I Get Stung? Honeybees are experiencing a critical loss of population. By providing honeybees with a garden to gather nectar and pollen, you will be assisting them in their fight for survival. But honeybees at work are generally uninterested in stinging anyone, and as long as you leave them alone, there should be no danger.  Continue reading

Saint Louis Wedding & Anniversary Flowers

wedding flowers According to the industry experts, June is the most common month for wedding ceremonies. And whether you are planning a June wedding or you’ve booked a venue for another month during the year – this is the perfect opportunity for us to discuss how much we love weddings! Walter Knoll Florist is your go-to St. Louis wedding florist -providing all of the stunning bridal bouquets, venue decor, centerpieces, and accessories that you’ve dreamed of!

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Tropical & Bright Spring Flowers

bright spring flowers

Late spring in Saint Louis represents the return of beautiful weather – so head out to the front porch, take a few deep breaths, revel in the sunshine – and then order some bright spring flowers to fill your home with the ambiance of the season.

When it comes to floral arrangements at this time of the year, we believe that the more colorful the better. For special occasions, or simply to infuse new life into your space, you can trust the experts at Walter Knoll Florist to provide the most beautiful flowers in town!

Creative Saint Louis Mother’s Day Gifts

Saint Louis Mother's Day

Our Moms deserve to be treated like royalty on Mother’s Day – but every mom is unique and special, and one gift does not necessarily fit everyone. The key to a memorable Mother’s Day gift is to select something that reflects her personality and passions while adding a bit of nostalgia or sentiment. Here are some suggestions from the team at Walter Knoll Florist to inspire you as you seek the perfect gift for your Mom!  Continue reading

Honoring Mom on Her Special Day

honoring mom

There is no one like your mother – and you couldn’t imagine doing life without her. You Mom is unique and one-of-a-kind, and as such, deserves the very best this Mother’s Day. That’s why Walter Knoll Florist has assembled a Mother’s Day collection which includes elegant floral designs, interesting gifts, and beautiful plants – each lovingly chosen so you can convey your admiration to her in your own special way. Honoring mom has never been so easy – or so beautiful.

Did You Know? Although Mothering Sunday was observed in the UK since the 1600’s, the North American version of Mother’s Day originated in 1908, thanks to an effort spearheaded by Anna Jarvis. That means that Walter Knoll Florist had already been in operation for 25 years when the holiday began!  Continue reading

National Puppy Day Urges Adoption from Shelters

National Puppy Day

Here at Walter Knoll Florist, we love dogs. In fact, as a pet-friendly shop, it is not uncommon for us to have four or five dogs come to visit us every day. Because of our love for our puppies, we admire efforts such as National Puppy Day that aim to make life better for animals.

Established 10 years ago by Colleen Paige – who is also the pet-lover behind National Dog Day and National Cat Day – this latest effort was meant to bring attention to the issue of puppy mills for-profit breeders and to encourage people to adopt puppies from shelters instead. There are over 70,000 puppies born annually in the United States, and approximately 1.4 million dogs are surrendered to shelters each year. National Puppy Day seeks to educate families on the great need to give homes to these lovable animals who are hoping for a forever home.  Continue reading

Flowers for the New Year’s Eve Party

New Year's Eve PartyThe preparations are underway! The food, the noisemakers, the party hats – there is nothing quite like the glitz and celebration of a New Year’s Eve party. As we prepare to glance back one last time, and then look forward with anticipation to the clean slate stretching out in front of us, the excitement is in the air. If you are planning a get-together, or if you are attending a party – don’t forget the flowers!

White flowers are the most popular choice for New Year’s hostess gifts and party decor, as they represent a clean slate and a new beginning. These white orchids and roses arranged in a chic silver vase are an elegant statement sure to greet the new year in style. Need more shimmer? Just ask our floral designers to add silver baubles, ornaments, ribbons or custom details to make your bouquet shine. New Year's Eve Party

Even though white flowers are the most popular choice for the New Year’s Eve party, they are often joined by vivid colors that add festivity to the gala. Blue flowers and silver painted foliage create “frosty” bouquets that send a chill up your spine in a good way – and add the ambiance of a beautiful winter evening to your party decor.

New Year's Eve Party

Red berries, vases, and decorative details are also a great choice, as your New Year’s Eve party is the official ending of the Christmas season festivities! These traditional color combinations evoke all the familiar beauty of this special time of year and will brighten any room with holiday cheer. New Year's Eve PartyThis year, resolve to make your loved one’s world more beautiful, with flowers! Simply register on our site, and sign up for automatic reminders. You will never miss another occasion, and everyone in your life will know that you love and appreciate them. At Walter Knoll Florist, we are honored that you have made us a part of your life over the years – and we look forward to helping to celebrate all of life’s special moments in the new year.