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Luxury Add-Ons to Go With Flowers

There is no doubt that sending someone a beautiful bouquet of flowers is one of the best gifts you can give. Flowers are fresh, colorful, fragrant, and proven to boost spirits. Flowers have been given as gifts for centuries in nearly all cultures and are also deeply tied to various symbolism within each.

Flowers look great anywhere and always make a big impact. When getting flowers from Walter Knoll Florist, you’ll realize that along with a great selection of flowers, they are also incredibly easy to send. If you want to up the ante a bit by adding a special gift to go along with flowers, then shop our wide array of unique gift items or choose from one of the below ideas.

Gifts to Pair with Flowers For a Perfect Night of Romance

Red wine bottle on the purple background with spring flowers

A Nice Bottle of Wine

Wine is an excellent gift for nearly any occasion or event, much like flowers. Choose a nice bottle of wine that complements your flowers either by matching the wine’s bouquet to the floral bouquet’s scent or color to show your recipient how much thought you put into it.

Big cupcakes with white frosting and pink flowers in background

Artisan Chocolates or Baked Goods

Who doesn’t love fresh-baked cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, or other goodies? They are such a delicious treat! Visit a local bakery and pick up something sweet and decadent to go with the gorgeous flowers you just picked up from the florist.

wedding flower bouquet and necklace


The beauty of fresh flowers is maybe only matched by the beauty of exquisite, sparkling jewelry. Every girl loves receiving jewelry, as much as she loves receiving flowers. Getting both is an exceptional gift beyond words and one she will not soon forget as she takes in the delicate softness of the flowers’ petals and the brilliance and strength of diamonds – all surrounded by a sweet fragrance emanating from the bouquet.

Bottles of perfume with flowers on white background


Perfume is another one of those gifts women love. Many perfumes are composed of essential oils derived from certain flowers. If your recipient loves the smell of roses, then gifting her a bottle of perfume with a rose scent along with a beautiful rose bouquet is a great way to extend the memory of a perfect gift pairing.

Couple having romantic dinner in restaurant, closeup. Focus on glasses of champagne

Home Made Dinner

Spend a romantic evening at home with just you and your SO with a delicious homemade meal enhanced by a bouquet of fresh, fragrant flowers on the table. Add a little candlelight, good conversation, and revel in your love for each other. Special occasions like this are already made better with flowers.

Romantic flowers decor And Candles on white table


Boost the wonderful fragrance of fresh flowers with scented candles that have the same floral scent. Or, have non-scented candles and enjoy the ambiance their shimmery glow provides across the room and on the magnificent beauty of the flowers. Either way, a mix of candles and flowers are a great way to create a lovely, romantic mood.

Flowers are also appreciated and loved on their own, but for those times when you desire to send a little something more, then the gifts listed here are great options to pair with a floral bouquet. Check out our superb flower selection and gifts when you’re ready to make someone’s day!