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Transform Your Backyard into a Tranquil Retreat

Relaxing outside in nature is good for the mind and spirit. It is one of the reasons why so many people go to fancy tropical resorts so they “get away from it all.” What if you could experience the same thing right in your own backyard? Creating a personal tranquil resort-like retreat will take a little time and elbow grease but will offer big returns for years to come. Here at Walter Knoll Florist we prepared a guide for how to your backyard in your own personal oasis.

How to Create a Peaceful Sanctuary in You Own Backyard

Green Plant

Start Planting Greenery – Everywhere!

You almost can’t go overboard with plants, shrubs, trees, and foliage! The more, the better. Planting tall leaves with big leaves will block unsightly views of a street or neighboring wall. Lots of greenery provides privacy and plenty of shade as well. Include plants with varying shades of green for depth and dimension. Layer plants from tall to small to add texture and create a fuller look. Adorn fences, posts, or other structures with flowering vines for an encroaching jungle appearance.

Tropical Plants

Add Fragrant and Exotic Flowers

Smelling the sweet fragrance of flowers improves your mood and promotes relaxation, while also enhancing your tropical oasis experience. Include exotic flowers like orchids and Birds of Paradise for excitement and drama. Create a container garden with a variety of flowers to provide charm and lovely color.

Water Feature

Install a Water Feature

Nothing provides tranquility quite like the soothing sounds of moving water. It’s a wonderfully pleasing sound to have in your private retreat, while also drowning out other noise from around the neighborhood. Good examples of water features include a waterfall, garden pond, wading pool, birdbath, or water fountain.

Let the Wildlife In

Attract butterflies and hummingbirds by placing brightly-colored flowers in your yard. You could do a butterfly garden with plants known to specifically attract them, or spread a bunch of wildflowers around to see what comes. Hummingbirds are also attracted to bright flowers, especially tubular-shaped ones.

Stone Pathway

Incorporate Natural Stone

A stone pathway is a charming addition to any garden retreat, especially if it leads to a nice surprise like a hidden statue in a niche of greenery or a hidden waterfall. A low stone wall also adds intrigue and as well as useful for carving out space. Planting a variety of lush plants on top of the wall creates a lush jungle feel.

Provide Ambient Lighting

Allow the relaxation to continue long into the night with ambient lighting. String up lights that produce a soft glow such as lanterns or white Christmas lights. Citronella candles add a romantic touch while keeping bugs away. You could also put in a fire pit for entertaining friends on cooler nights.

If you have a backyard that is not being fully utilized or is distressingly bare, then transform it into an area you, your family, and your friends will never want to leave. Plus, think of the money you will save by not traveling to an expensive tropical resort when all you have to do is walk outside for the same experience.