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Posted by wkf on May 10, 2016 | Last Updated: December 20, 2022 Uncategorized

Celebrating May Birthdays

may birthdaysThe birthstone of May is the beautiful emerald. Known for its vibrant and rich green color, the emerald occurs in a full range of greens, from yellow-green to blue-green; the more chromium in its chemical makeup, the “greener” the green. Emeralds signify vitality, rebirth, and good luck, but if this classic May birthday gift is not in your budget, consider creating an “emerald inspired bouquet” with the help of the experts at Walter Knoll Florists.

may birthdaysGreen flowers make unique and impressive floral bouquets not often seen. There are many flowers that have varieties in this hue; in fact, some of our most beloved blooms are available in shades of green. To design an exquisite floral arrangement that evokes the spirit of the emerald, start with the exotic green cymbidium orchid. This magnificent bloom is elegant and graceful, and will be right at home in the most upscale of environments. Green Fuji mums are tropical, green bells of Ireland provide dramatic lines, and grasses and ferns add texture and context. Other green flowers that make for spectacular May bouquets include green roses, zinnias, carnations and hydrangea; flowers not often utilized, but sure to be a beautiful addition to any arrangement.

As you know, the florist is your go-to source for all things green – so if your recipient would rather display a green plant, dish garden, terrarium, succulent garden or lush potted varietal, Walter Knoll is proud to offer those as well. Needing little maintenance but providing many benefits, these beautiful, air-purifying and stress reducing green plants can evoke the emerald green of the birthstone in a creative way.

may birthdaysEmeralds are found in 29 countries, including the United States, although in very small numbers. But since no emeralds are being currently being mined in Saint Louis, perhaps a more practical way to embody the spirit of the emerald in a practical way is through beautiful green flowers and plants from Walter Knoll Florist. Call us today to make sure all of your May occasions are taken care of beautifully!