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Easter Lilies, Floral Designs & Gifts

Easter lilies

Easter Sunday is a holiday with something for everyone – a combination of two distinctly opposite traditions that have managed to merge to create one celebration. With Easter eggs and bunnies originating in pagan fertility festivals, and the Christian tradition contributing the story of the Resurrection, it is a strange combination indeed. Still, many people do observe elements of both traditions – and no matter how you celebrate, Walter Knoll Florist has the florals and gifts you are looking for.

The Easter Lily: While flowers have a place in both traditions, it is the Christian faith that views the Easter lily as symbolic. Representing hope and new life, the white lily is often used in Easter Sunday church services and to give to people of faith. Easter lilies

The Easter Egg: The egg has always been considered a sign of fertility and new life and was a major symbol in ancient rituals. Eggs were carried in wicker or grass “nests”, which eventually became Easter baskets.

Spring flowers embody annual renewal and rebirth as well. Whimsical eggs and colorful blooms such as lilies, roses, and daisies make for festive and happy Easter bouquets and arrangements that will brighten anyone’s doorstep this holiday. Easter lilies

Nibbling on Ears: The chocolate bunny is our favorite Easter treat, and retailers report that they will sell over 90 million of the confection over the Easter holiday. And lest you thought you were the only one who started eating from the ears down, over 3/4 of people admit to always consuming the ears of the rabbit first.

Pastel flowers are popular this time of the year, and Easter floral designs of tulips and hyacinth exude the fresh essence of spring. Ask the professionals at Walter Knoll Florist about our holiday themed containers that will make your gift a true keepsake – like these whimsical polka dot bunny vases in various colors.

Easter lilies

No matter how you celebrate, everyone loves having bright spring flowers during the Easter season. Whether you are decorating your own home or sending a gift to a loved one, you’ll want to check out our entire Easter collection for beautiful ideas and inspiration.

Easter is April 16 – to make sure your favorite Easter arrangements are delivered on time, in Saint Louis and beyond, give Walter Knoll Florist a call today!