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Floral Arrangements and Birthstone Bouquets

birthstone bouquets

Over the years, birthstones have been cherished and coveted. There are many myths and legends about the mystical powers inherent in each gem – from power and influence to wisdom and healing. According to these legends, wearing one of these precious gems during its assigned month maximized its magical qualities. To obtain the full benefit of the stones, individuals needed to own all twelve and alternate them monthly; but because of the expense and rarity of the stones, only the rich and powerful generally owned them.

In modern times, the birthstones are used as inspiration for gifts and floral bouquets. The designers at Walter Knoll Florist are happy to help you to create the perfect birthstone bouquets for all of your loved ones. These colorful arrangements are sure to make a beautiful impression on their special day. birthstone bouquets

Birthstone bouquets are designed with the color of the gem as the inspiration. In January, the red garnet may be expressed in red roses, while the purple amethyst of February may take the form of gorgeous lavender roses. March, September, and December each are represented by blue stones, and as such, blue delphinium, hydrangea, and dendrobium orchids are stunning selections.

While some months do not have a direct floral correlation, our expert artisans may place flowers in a colored vase or add decorative colored stones to the base of the arrangement. The month of April is represented by the diamond, and many choose to add crystals and shimmering accents to elevate the glamor and sophistication of the arrangements.

birthstone bouquetsWhen searching for the perfect birthday gift for the special people in your life, you can feel confident giving them a gorgeous arrangement from Walter Knoll Florist. We have been the premier floral choice in Saint Louis for over 130 years, and we continue to stay on the cutting edge of innovative and beautiful floral design. For all of your special birthdays this year, consider sending a unique birthstone arrangement. We guarantee that it will deliver the smiles.