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Inspired July Birthday Flowers

july birthdaysIn July, there are two symbols of birthdays that give us two distinctly different ways to celebrate.

The ruby is the birthstone of July and is a fiery inspiration for birthday bouquets. The deep red hue of the ruby has made it a coveted stone for centuries; mentioned in the Bible and the subject of legends in ancient China, it has a storied history. Rubies are one of the four true gemstones – the others are the emerald, diamond, and sapphire – although many consider the ruby to be the most valuable of all the stones, because of the rarity of a true perfectly colored stone. Rubies are called “the king’s stone”, and were considered in ancient times to have powers of protection against evil spirits; they are also said to imbue their owners with wisdom and passion. It was in 15th century Poland that the birthstones were officially established, and it was during this time that people began to carry the gems during their corresponding month to gain the most benefit.

july birthdayTo send ruby red blooms to your July birthday honorees, consider red roses, carnations or gerbera daisies – our Pilsner display showcases ruby flowers while pulling double duty for all your sports fans.

july birthdaysThe cool and serene blues of the birth flower delphinium are another beautiful way to send wishes to your loved ones celebrating this month. The delphinium is an elegant and graceful flower that is a favorite of both home and professional gardeners and is often used in summer bouquets. While many florists restrict the delphinium to being only filler and a backdrop to other flowers, here at Walter Knoll we love giving the delphinium a chance to shine.

This month, give your loved ones a floral arrangement or bouquet from Walter Knoll Florist. Fiery red, cool blue – or a combination of both – this summer, the most coveted birthday gifts in Saint Louis are right here.