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Meaningful Holiday Gift Experiences to Surprise Your Loved Ones

What holiday traditions do you follow? Is it a family retreat to an Airbnb, filled with a week of cooking up a storm and enjoying holiday movies? Or do you always have a bustling season of parties and gift hunting? This year, think about saving time and surprising your loved ones with a unique present: an interactive floral design experience. Few things express the spirit of giving as beautifully as flowers, and experiences tend to leave a lasting impression. At Walter Knoll Florist, the best shop in St. Louis, Missouri, we believe it’s an excellent surprise for everyone, regardless of artistic abilities or age. From children to adults, there’s something fun and enriching for all.

Experience Gifts for Moms & Parents

The holiday season often means hectic schedules for moms and parents, who are responsible for gift shopping for the whole family. Surprise them with a unique present: a professional floral arranging class. It’s a rejuvenating way for them to take a break from holiday duties and prioritize self-care. They can enjoy their beverage of choice, be it a cocktail, mocktail, or fresh fruit juice, while soaking in the benefits of blooms. Contact your neighborhood florist to learn about their class options or discuss arranging a personalized session. It could kickstart a regular, healthy hobby rooted in creativity and enjoyment.

Experiences to Gift Friends

A floral design class is a fantastic option if you’re seeking a fun and fresh activity to enjoy with your best friends during the winter holiday season. Gather around a table, catch up on the year’s events, and share laughter. Foster your creative side as you craft flower crowns or other floral arrangements that match your unique style. Don’t forget to have your friends make holiday playlists to set the mood just right. Coming together to express yourselves and nurture your long-lasting friendships might even become the holiday tradition that ushers in the season every year going forward.

Fun Experiences to Gift Kids

Parents are always looking for activities that help their children discover their creative abilities and cultivate a love for nature. Participating in a flower arts and crafts class is an excellent way to encourage kids to let their imaginations soar and explore nature. It’s a guaranteed source of fun as kids uncover the secrets of fresh blooms, enjoying their many colors and pleasing scents. These workshops allow kids to create sweet gifts for family members and favorite teachers, such as miniature floral arrangements and artwork made from pressed petals. And if they have a talent for it, they can even fashion a chic floral accessory like a corsage, lei, or boutonniere to wear with pride.

Corporate Gifting Experiences

While most of us spend approximately 40 hours per week in the office alongside coworkers, the holiday season offers an opportunity to make even deeper connections. A festive way to get closer to your team and embrace the holiday spirit is by taking a creative workshop together. Consider collaborating on creating a succulent garden or plant terrarium instead of making flower arrangements. Scientific data indicates that having living, green plants where you work can lead to boosted creativity, better productivity, and cleaner air. Additionally, the low-maintenance nature of terrariums and succulents makes them ideal for office settings.

Experiences For You & Your Partner

The holiday season prioritizes family time, but for many couples, it’s also a moment to celebrate their romantic bond. Taking a design class together at a florist is an excellent way for partners to share QT. This experience allows both of you to showcase your strengths; one can select the loveliest blooms, and the other can figure out how they look best in the vase. It’s a step beyond simply giving your partner flowers because it’s a genuinely collaborative effort. Moreover, it helps sharpen your communication skills, strengthen your teamwork, and appreciate the artistry you create together.

Let the seasoned flower professionals at Walter Knoll Flowers help you elevate your holiday gifting game with the art of floral design. These experiences are like a bouquet of creativity waiting to be unwrapped and explored.

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