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Posted by wkf on April 9, 2018 Uncategorized

Refresh Those Desks For Administrative Professionals Day

With Administrative Professionals Day just around the corner (April 25), it’s time to bring a little “Desktop Awareness” to those work places and their surfaces. We here at Walter Knoll Florist want to bring attention to all the sad, bereft, disorganized, cluttered desks out there and call upon work places everywhere to restore them to their former glory. Given the fact that we spend almost as much time at work as we do at home (in some cases, more), it’s important that we take the time to refresh and renew our work areas. Conference tables, cubicles, reception desks and personal desks need a good spring clean, too. What else do they need? New flowers and plants.

One of the best ways to make your admins happy is to dress their work area in bright, cheerful flowers. Since they often sit in a point-of-entry area, what you put there will have an impact on everyone in the workplace, too. We love a vase of mixed flowers including daisies and lilies to really establish an inviting mood and to perk up a space that all too often goes a little neglected decor-wise.

On personal work surfaces, a desktop plant or garden is the way to go. Not only do plants oxygenate the air and help clear it of toxins, but they bring life to a space that often feels devoid of it. Putting a little nature on the desks at work has a mobilizing, morale-boosting effect.

The whole office will thank you for this “Desktop Awareness” initiative, and your admins will certainly feel the love.