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Posted by wkf on June 28, 2008 | Last Updated: July 27, 2021 Uncategorized

Thought About Giving Flowers on a 1st Date?

So you  got around asking her out on a date – and she said yes. Besides paying for dinner you were planning to do something extra for her, like surprising her with a bouquet of flowers when you come to her place to pick her up. But you are afraid giving her flowers might be too grand a gesture for a first date.

Not at all, surprising her with a floral bouquet just might be the thing that would break the ice. Did you know that each flower type and color carries its own unique meaning? Think of the flowers as words and the bouquet as the overall message you want to tell her.

If you’d like to let her know that you were happy to meet her but do not want to reveal your romantic interest yet, give her a bunch of daisies. This colorful, flower has a yellow center and a decorative pompom, and overall stands for optimism and joy. Sunflowers also carry the same meaning. They are known to grow facing the sun, but their open petals symbolize the sun and express emotions of adoration, happiness, and warmth.

Then there are always roses – the immortal symbol for passion and love. Pink or yellow roses are more appropriate for first dates, as they can stand for a blossoming love. If you wan to be more serious, Red roses can be given to someone who you passionately care for. Red roses are always great if you think that you’re feelings are mutual – this will help get the date off to a good start. Women have always been impressed with a chivalrous men, and in the world of flowers, giving roses is as chivalrous as it gets.

Break the ice by handing her the bouquet of flowers and telling her the very special meaning of your gift. But don’t sweat it on the explanations.. The act of giving her flowers is enough for her to see that you think she’s worthy of their brilliant colors and graceful beauty. Besides, most gals have a special talent of sensing what you mean when you give a gift.  So when going out on that first date stop by any one of the Walter Knoll Florist Branch Locations and we will be sure to help.