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Using Flowers to Decorate this Hanukkah

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is a festive time of year for Jewish families as they look back and celebrate the Miracle of Oil and the rededication of the Temple. As your family celebrates Hanukkah and decorates for this festive season, be ready with fresh flowers for your Hanukkah celebration. Since Hanukkah falls in the middle of winter, this is a great time to bring the freshness of flowers into your home as you rejoice in being around loved ones and enjoying the history and culture of your people.

Blue and White Flowers Embrace the Festival of Lights

As you shop for Hanukkah flowers, you will find that most options come in beautiful blues and whites. This is because blue and white are the traditional flowers of Hanukkah. These flower arrangements will go with your existing Hanukkah decor or can stand alone to grace the table at your Hanukkah meal.

Hanukkah Arrangements to Consider

zoom_wkC7807112592418Hanukkah arrangements can come in just about any combination of blue and white flowers, but you will commonly find alstroemeria in these arrangements. White poinsettias, a winter staple, are another festive flower to consider. Lilies, blue roses and chrysanthemums are also common. No matter which flower you choose, it will be a welcome addition to your home as you decorate for the season.

If you are shopping for a centerpiece, consider A Beautiful Centerpiece. The blue delphinium, white lilies and dedrobium orchids in this beautiful arrangement contrast with the scent and look of roses to bring a festive touch to your table. For a piece to grace your entryway table, the tall, bold and beautiful of Lights Bouquet is perfect. It comes with irises, hydrangea, larkspur, delphinium and lilies to be a fragrant and stunning addition to your home. Hanukkah Time pairs gorgeous white flowers with gold metallic balls and a blue and gold sparkling vase for a festive look.

With each of these arrangements, you can turn your home into a festive, welcoming space as you celebrate with friends and family. Order soon to ensure that you can have fresh flowers as part of your celebration.