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Posted by wkf on February 5, 2015 | Last Updated: December 20, 2022 Uncategorized

This Valentine’s Day, Why Not Give Something Other than Roses?

shutterstock_123839782The red rose certainly deserves its reputation as the flower of love. With deep, rich red hues and vibrant, velvety petals, it’s won the hearts of many a recpient. However, the rose isn’t the only way to express your love on Valentine’s Day; in fact, there are other blooms that say I Love You with even more impact due to being new and unexpected. Consider surprising your loved one with one or more of these unique choices this Valentine’s Day:

Tropical Charms

Tropical blooms can evoke the passion and fire that you feel for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Some of the top tropical flower choices include the orchid, bird of paradise and the lily — or combine a variety of tropical flower choices in the Warm Love arrangement, which can include these blooms along with green Fuji, delphinium, assorted greens and roses all beautifully displayed in a cobalt blue vase accented with a butterfly and red glitter ribbon. This bouquet is available in small and large sizes.


Tulips offer a welcome departure from the traditional rose and are sure to stun the recipient with their elegant simplicity and wide-ranging colors. Consider sending a mixed tulip bouquet of your loved one’s favorite colors, or keep it straightforward with an all-red or all-pink bouquet. While tulips are traditionally a flower of springtime, they also signify new beginnings of any kind. Tulips can be the perfect Valentine’s Day choice if your romantic relationship is brand new.

Daisies and Sunflowers

Late summer wildflowers like daisies and sunflowers offer another unconventional but impactful choice for Valentine’s Day gift-giving. Nothing radiates unconditional live quite like a sunflower in bloom, and your true love will feel it. Daisies are also delightful; consider a vase of gerberas or traditional white and yellow daisies to make them smile as you break away from the norm. Both of these flowers shine brightly on their own, but they also combine very well with a range of other flowers including lilies, hydrangea and roses.

Non-Flower Choices

If you want an alternative to flowers altogether, there are plenty of other delightful gifts to choose from. Delicious chocolates, stuffed toys and even an Elvis-themed gift are all available, and if they’re a fit for your loved one’s tastes, why not surprise them?

If you’re ready to take a break from tradition this Valentine’s Day, consider sending one of these creative rose alternatives. For more information or to place your order, contact Walter Knoll Florist today.