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Walter Knoll Florist

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Walter Knoll Florist announces

A GREEN way to make thank you cards.

Walter Knoll Florist has just become the exclusive distributor of the process. This is a new and ground breaking way of recycling wedding bouquets into wedding thank you or acknowledgment notes. After the wedding you simply send your wedding bouquet in pre-addressed pre-paid shipping box to us and we create wonderful hand made paper using your flowers and 100% post consumer waste. In the process we also embed 12 varieties of perennial wildflower seeds. The process creates beautiful quality hand crafted 100 percent recycled paper. The cards are mailed back to you and you can use them as thank you or acknowledgment cards. When your guests receive the cards they can then plant the card and create a perennial wildflower garden to honor your marriage.  For more information on call us at 314.633.8876 or This service is available on our website click here for the product page.

Above is a graphic to show the process.