Elegant White Easel Cross Reality Flowers

Experience Serene Beauty with the ELEGANT WHITE EASEL CROSS: A Tranquil Display of Affection

Are you looking for a graceful, elegant, and calming floral arrangement? Our ELEGANT WHITE EASEL CROSS is the perfect choice. With a tranquil blend of white carnations and miniature white calla lilies, this floral cross is a serene tribute and an exquisite display of affection and respect.

ELEGANT WHITE EASEL CROSS - A Symbol of Faith and Love

At the heart of our design is a 30" cross, covered in an elegant array of white carnations and miniature white calla lilies. The cross is a powerful symbol of faith, love, and devotion, making this arrangement an impactful display of respect and affection.

White Carnations and Miniature White Calla Lilies - Purity and Beauty

The ELEGANT WHITE EASEL CROSS is adorned with beautiful white carnations and miniature white calla lilies, selected for their exquisite beauty and symbolic meanings. White carnations represent pure love and good luck, while calla lilies signify beauty and purity, adding depth to this already beautiful arrangement.

Enhanced with Ivy Streamers, Galax Leaves and Italian Ruscus - A Touch of Green

The elegance of this cross is further enhanced by accents of ivy streamers, galax leaves, and Italian ruscus. These green additions add a touch of tranquility and a refreshing contrast to the white blooms, creating a visually appealing floral piece.

Wire Wrapped Easel - A Graceful Display

The ELEGANT WHITE EASEL CROSS is showcased on a wire wrapped easel. This arrangement not only highlights the grandeur of the cross but also ensures it takes a prominent place in any setting, accentuating the beautiful design.

Choose ELEGANT WHITE EASEL CROSS for a Serene Display of Affection

Whether you're looking to express your deepest sympathies or show your respect and love, our ELEGANT WHITE EASEL CROSS is an excellent choice. This beautiful floral cross, with its blend of white carnations and calla lilies, is more than a floral arrangement; it's a meaningful display of affection, respect, and faith. Experience the calming beauty of our ELEGANT WHITE EASEL CROSS today. Because love and respect deserve to be shown in the most serene and elegant way

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