A wicker basket filled with orange roses, green leaves, and red berries sits on a table in a festive, decorated room with a pink tufted sofa and a Christmas tree.


I ordered a gift for my wife and my daughter but only my wife's gift has been delivered.
Multiple pieces going to same address may not arrive at the same time.
What are Walter Knoll Florist's hours of operation?

Floral consultants are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you. Contact us anytime via phone. Click branch locations for a listing of physical store locations and hours.

Note on using a debit card online or on the phone.
When you use a debit card online or on the phone it is no longer a debit card it is being used as a credit card. How we process credit cards. At Walter Knoll Florist when you place an order we authorize your credit card within a few minutes of placing an order. We receive an authorization number from the credit card processor. After the order has been delivered we present the transaction and authorization number and matching amount of the authorization back to the credit card processor and we capture the credit card. If we do not have all these items match then the transaction is either declined or derated. Debit Cards. The issue is if you use a debit card at the time of authorization the money becomes reserved that it is no longer available in your account. We do not have the money until after the capture (after the flowers are delivered). If we were to cancel the transaction it does not make the funds available to your account. The amount of time until the funds are available again is up to your credit cards issuing bank. If the amount of your order were to change we have no choice but the re-authorize the card. There is not such thing as a change, partial or a cancel authorization. This will cause both authorizations to make the total of the sum of the authorizations of the funds unavailable in your account. Remember we do not have any money until after the flowers are delivered. The time until unavailable funds are returned is at the sole discretion of your bank. This is not just a Walter Knoll Florist issue but is true for all online/phone vendors. Walter Knoll Florist wants to make you aware of this issue so that if you choose to use debit card you know the issues involved.
Is the information I provide during the checkout process kept private?
YES! All information is held in strictest confidence. We do not trade, rent or sell this information to outside companies. We only use this information to personalize your shopping experience, as well as to notify you about special offers, services and enhancements. Any suspicious or fraudulent use of credit cards will be forwarded to authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Walter Knoll Florist is fully compliant with the credit card best practices specification.
Where can I get the addresses and phone numbers of hospitals and funeral Homes?

Click for a listing of St Louis Hospitals and Funeral Homes. Feel free to call us and place your order on the phone. We have comprehensive national data on our systems and will be happy to track down the address, room numbers, and visitation times. (As part of our service we confirm room numbers and visitation times on every order.)

How will I know if my gift/order has been successfully delivered?
All deliveries will be made on the date you request unless we notify you of any complications. You may check the status of your order on the web. Note: We will answer all inquiries in the timeliest fashion possible. Some inquiries cannot be researched and resolved until we can make contact with our affiliate florist during their hours of operation. Once we are able to contact the delivery florist and obtain an answer to your inquiry, we will contact you by your choice of either e-mail or telephone. We work with only the highest qualified florists to process your order. The result is we maintain our unconditional guarantee on every order.
How will I know if my order has been received?
If ordering for delivery in the Saint Louis metro area, our drivers update the status of the order in real time, you may check the order status on the web and we will send you an email within minutes of physical delivery. Sometimes we use special couriers that do not have access to mark the delivery, in that case the courier is required to notify us if the delivery has not been made. On nationwide orders delivery works similarly to our special couriers. If we know of any problem or delay we will contact you at once. This is one of the reasons that is important to give us a phone number and email address that will reach you. If we can not reach you by phone with a problem we will send an email.
Can I have a delivery made to a school?
Yes, But there are some issues with deliveries to schools. First, will the school notify the recipient of the floral delivery? Second, occasionally schools refuse the delivery. If you choose to have a delivery made to a school, choose not to make it on Valentine's Day, choose the day before. This increases the probability of success. Because of problems that are outside of our control, Walter Knoll Florist can not guarantee a floral delivery to a school. If you request us to provide this service we will do everything in our power to achieve your goal. If there is a failure the customer will still be charged for the product and delivery.
What happens to my order when you attempt delivery and the recipient is not at home?
If the recipient is not at their home when a delivery is attempted we will do the following: Find a neighbor to accept the gift. We will try very hard trying as many as 10 neighbors, When we find a neighbor we will leave a tag on the front door of the recipient indicating where the delivery was left and what time, our driver will also call the recipient phone number and leave a message. If we are unable to find a neighbor we will leave a note on the door of the recipient's home asking them to call us and schedule an appropriate delivery time or redirect the gift to another location. We will not leave a bouquet outside unless we are directed by you to do so and then there is no guarantee on the freshness. (In the past we have had a bouquet that was left and not found for weeks).
Can I request a specific time for the delivery of my arrangement?
You may use the "Special Instructions" box located on the order form to request a particular time of day for your delivery. We will do our best to honor your request; this may result in an additional charge to you to honor the request. (If you have a special request we can make it happen just give us a call) A "by time" of "before 4pm" is a great way to let us know when the gift must be there. Additional information such as if the recipient is at a school helps us get the delivery there on time. We offer rush service for 4 hours from when an order is placed or before noon on the next day at check out. On sympathy orders, we check with the funeral home and will change the delivery time and date according to what is requested by the funeral director. (This is 1 hour before the family private viewing) If you have any special requests please feel free to call us and we will do our very best for you.
Is there any special information needed to deliver an arrangement to a hospital?
For hospital deliveries, please make sure to include the name of the recipient, hospital and room number or ward. Your arrangement will be delivered to the floor nurse's station, as most hospitals do not allow florists into individual rooms. As a service we check with the hospital to verify room number. If the patient has been discharged we will re-deliver to their home address.
What types of Payment does Walter Knoll Florist Accept.
Walter Knoll Florist Accepts all Major Credit Cards, (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express & and a few others). PayPal, House Charges with approval of an open account, Walter Knoll Florist Gift, ACH Cards. Credit Cards, Gift Cards, PayPal, & House Chagres automatically on our web site.
My computer froze up when I was placing an order. How do I know if the order went through?
Did you get an order confirmation number? If you did not then your order did not go through. Wait a few minutes for an e-mail confirmation to make sure, then re-enter your order. If you are having difficulty give us a call and we will be happy to take your order over the phone.
Do you deliver on Sundays and holidays?
Yes, in the Saint Louis Metro Area. You can even have same day delivery if the order is placed by noon. Out of the Saint Louis area unfortunately we cannot guarantee delivery on Sundays as it is not a standard delivery day for many florists. However, we are open and will do our best. In many cases we can get this done for you. Otherwise, Monday will have to be an option. (We make every effort to get your order out on the day you requested. If it can be done we will make it happen.)
What happens if I provide an incorrect delivery address?
We will do our best to deliver. We will attempt to call the recipient, Look the recipient up in the phone book and various on-line services, scan the names of the phone listings by the street, look for reversed numbers and mis-spellings on the street name. We will contact you and ask for additional information. Bad addresses are subject to a $10 charge. (please do not guess at addresses if you are unsure let us know in special instructions) We find the US postal Service look up very helpful to verify an address. When placing an order for a hospital or funeral home we need only the name of the of the hospital or funeral home and the city. As part of our service we verify hospital and funeral home data.
Can I cancel my order?
We process your request the moment we receive it. It is sometimes very difficult to get cancellation requests complete. Our network ranges through- out the country and because of the importance placed on a timely delivery of your request and various time zones, it can sometimes be very difficult to stop or cancel a delivery attempt or a placed order. Cancellations must be done 24 hours before the delivery.
How far in advance can I order a gift / bouquet / arrangement for delivery?
Our online web site is set for 90 days. We can take an order for any time in the future via the phone, please feel free to call us or email.
Is tax included in the price of the arrangement?
We are unable to include the tax in the advertised price because this is a collection and not a sale. (if you are a non profit tax exempt please fax your information to us at 314-633-8756, We will send back a form for you to sign and will even refund tax on any previous orders for up to 3 months.
Why do flowers from Walter Knoll Florist last longer than from other florists or the grocery store?
The fact that we have the freshest, longest lasting flowers is not an accident.

New flowers arrive every day at Walter Knoll Florist. We purchase from over 100 vendors locally, nationally and internationally. We track the performance of each of our vendors and the types of flowers that we are buying from them. We also grow some varieties ourselves. To achieve a world-class product we control the treatment of our flowers from the grower right from point they are harvested, packed, pre-cooled, and shipped. We only use vendors that preserve the Cold Chain. When flowers arrive they are processed in our state of the art center. We treat flowers as a chef would prepare fine foods. We keep them in an aseptic (sterile) environment. Anything that touches our flowers is kept clean and disinfected, including cutting tools, coolers, table services and buckets. Our coolers are computer controlled so that we can control the temperature to a tenth of a degree and the humidity to 1%. We professionally hydrate with special RO or reverse osmosis water that is so pure it is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

We clean the stems and remove extra foliage by hand with care; we cut flowers with our state of the art underwater cutting system to make sure the stems are free of debris, bacteria and air embolisms. We use the Pokon-Crystal™ system of cold hydration, preservation, processing and nutrition imported directly from Holland. Our flowers are in a controlled environment, even when being designed, with special open-air coolers. Our flower processing crew works every morning very early to assure that our designers and you our customers have the best product available.

What are the other divisions of Walter Knoll Florist?
Plant Maintenance Landscaping Division Landscaping, Pavers, Retaining Walls, Mowing, Green Plants, Tropical Plants, Flowering Plants, in you office or home; we offer custom design, weekly watering and replacement. Walter Knoll Florist maintains a stock in Saint Louis of over 5,000 acclimated plants. Our acclamation center is unique in the entire world; plants are made ready for customers by acclimating or getting use to the conditions of your office our home. All plants are inspected and insured to be in top shape, free of insects and other pest. Our plants look great on the day they are installed and stay looking that way. We keep your plants looking great at all times. We also feature the midwest's largest selection of palm trees. For more information please give David Knoll a call at 314-633-8765. Event Services Garden settings, fountains and water features, tropical plants, flowering plants and beautiful fresh floral arrangements. For a party, display, grand opening, wedding, convention, we have the products, experience, and talent. For more information please contact Walter Knoll Sr. at 314-633-8855. Floral Racking Walter Knoll Florist, places products in gifts shops with a guaranteed sale. For More Information please call Chuck Knoll at 314-633-8730. Wholesale Sales At our Wholesale division Harold's Wholesale Florist (314) 352-2134. located at 2755 LaSalle's St, Full product line of fresh cut flowers and greens, tropical plants, blooming plants, glassware, containers, wire service features, foam, and all other manor of supplies. Mechanical Contracting Specializing in Floral Refrigeration. New & used, prefabricated coolers, evaporators, and condensers. For more information please contact Walter Knoll Sr at 314-633-8855. Information Systems Consultation and Contracting Specializing in imaging workflow applications, OCR and automated data entry and data acquisition. For more information please contact Walter Knoll III at 314-633-8806.
Can you call before a delivery is made?
The answer is we can not call before delivery. The reason is that your order needs to be made and the delivery scheduled. That means the designer and truck and driver are coordinated to be ready for your delivery, For example if we call and do not get an answer, Should the driver wait until we get a call back before he leaves or Should we hold the order until the next day. This is why we can not call before a delivery.
What does Flowers by Wire or FTD mean?
Flowers by wire may be a mysterious term to some, but it's the most popular way to send flowers across the country or around the world, with same day delivery possible to more than 99% of people living and working in the United States and Canada, as well as service to more than 120 other countries. The name "flowers by wire" is admittedly old-fashioned. Still, the quality and convenience are cutting edge. Interestingly enough, like most great ideas, it all started in a very low-tech, high-touch way. Flowers by wire delivery dates back more than a 100 years. When someone wanted to send flowers to a loved one in another city, a hometown florist would help by contacting a trusted florist in the distant town. Many flower shops like Walter Knoll Florist were handed down from generation to generation, and florist families had their own florist friends they had come to know through the years. The distant florist could deliver the flowers to the recipient quite easily. Unfortunately, this network of fellow florists was informal, and communication was cumbersome. In the early days telegraph messages had to be used to relay an order from one florist to another. One such organization was (FTD Florist Telegraph Delivery), founded by fifteen florists in 1910 (Walter Knoll Florist has been a member since 1926) . The organization grew rapidly, but its name, and the telegraph, soon became obsolete. As technology evolved, florists migrated to the telephone as a much more efficient way of exchanging orders. The association was renamed FTD, and several other flowers by wire groups took shape. Today, the best known are Teleflora, FTD and Interflora. Walter Knoll Florist is members of of all of these and more. Each includes more than 20,000 florist members, who meet strict quality standards and adhere to professional guidelines. It's these florists that make flowers by wire possible. Of course, flowers by wire technology has continued to improve, too. Today, the vast majority of flowers by wire orders are transferred between florists on proprietary data networks to ensure the speed, (For example an order placed on this web site is processed in just 3 or 4 seconds) with accuracy, and security of transmission. Ties among the larger and better florists have only strengthened, because they regularly fill floral orders for each other, monitor results, and maintain close professional relationships. So, the fundamental concept remains -- fresh flower arrangements individually designed and locally delivered by independent florists all working together to help their customers.
How long has Walter Knoll Florist offered web based ordering?
Since 1981. We did it before there was a world wide web. We were the first store on the predecessor Arpanet to the Web (not just the first florist but the first e-commerce vendor in the world!).
Is it safe to purchase over the net with my computer?
At Walter Knoll Florist (wkf.com) the answer is YES, It is safe . Data we collect is only stored on our systems in an encrypted format. We employ SSL/TLS protection to protect the data as it is transmitted from your computer's browser to our web server. Your vital information is never printed in the open. Our employees have all been exhaustingly screened and bonded. We shred all our work documents. While no system can be guaranteed 100 percent safe we have taken extreme care and have done so for over 25 years of on-line commerce.
I have heard that flowers delivered from an overnight service are fresher than from a florist?
Many of the out of town, overnight services claim their flowers are fresher, But this is not true. The flowers are cut in the same fields in South America, Holland, Africa, Hawaii and other countries. They are flown in the same planes. The real difference is the care of the flowers before they are delivered. With a florist the cold chain is protected. This "cold chain" insures that the flowers are kept in a cooler until they are delivered to your door. With an overnight service the flowers are out of water and refrigeration and sit in a box for 24 hours. (the flowers ride to the airport hub and sit in a warehouse until they are loaded back on a plane and flown to your city. They are then sorted and delivered in a non-climate controlled truck and delivered dry in a box.) The flowers are not arranged and have not been professionally hydrated. The fact is, overnight flower services are giving you far less service. When you are sending flowers you are sending sentiment - show how much you care by having your flowers delivered by a professional florist. Flowers from an overnight service are not a finished gift - they are a do it yourself kit.
What if I am sending something to an employee at a business or a guest at a hotel?
Please clearly state this in the order form. If the recipient is a guest, make sure you tell us. If the room is registered under someone else's name tell us that also and please provide a room number if known. If the recipient is an employee, please provide his or her title or department and direct phone number and what hours he or she works.
Can I use a promotion (Promo) code over the phone?
We have two types of promotion codes.
1) A Walter Knoll Florist E-Code, sometimes called E-Voucher. This has a number that is given you normally on an email but it could be printed on something else. It is only good for your account (email address) and must be used online over the web for shopping at wkf.com.
2) A Walter Knoll Florist coupon. This can be used over the phone, on the web or in person. On the web you simply enter the promo code at check out. In person you hand to coupon to the sales person at the time of sale. On the phone you place the order and then mail the coupon in and we will credit your account or credit card number upon receipt.
My promotion code does not work?
There are 3 reasons that a promotion code will not work.
1) (the most common) Is that the code was issued to a different email address than the account that is attempting to use it. (You may call or email customer service and they can change the address of a promotion code).
2) The promotion code has expired.
3) It has already been used.