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Posted by wkf on January 14, 2015 Uncategorized

5 Ways to Pick the Best Decorations for Your Red themed Wedding

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMThe color of love, passion, and romance, red is also January’s official color. Whether you are planning a January wedding or a ceremony for a different month, red is a wonderful choice for a wedding color. This passionate hue not only looks amazing, but will also energize your ceremony and reception. In addition, the color red is appropriate for all styles of weddings – traditional, modern, whimsical, elegant, or otherwise. The following are five ways you can incorporate this vibrant color into your big day.

1. Attire – At your ceremony and reception, the wedding party is actually part of the decor. Usually dressed to match the theme and colors of the wedding, a red themed wedding usually includes red bridesmaid dresses and red vests or cummerbunds for the groomsmen. Although brides traditionally dress in all white, the bride can still add pops of red to her outfit with red heels, lipstick, hair accessories, and jewelry.

2. Table Settings – When your guests arrive at the wedding reception, you want the atmosphere to hit them as soon as they enter the room. One way to achieve this effect is with immaculately designed table settings featuring your wedding colors. Use napkins, tablecloths, candles, and floral centerpieces to create a beautiful, fun atmosphere to the beginning of the next chapter of your life.

3. Cake – The centerpiece of the entire reception, your wedding cake should not only reflect you and your significant other’s personalities, but also the decor and style of the wedding. At a red themed wedding, a cake featuring red accents on white or chocolate frosting presents an elegant understatement. For a surprising splash of red, consider ordering a red velvet; it will wow your guests when you slice.

4. Bouquets – Prominent during the ceremony, the bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets create the perfect opportunity to work the color red naturally into the ceremony. Classic red roses are elegant, but red poppies, chrysanthemums, or other types of flowers will add a fun, playful atmosphere.

5. Favors – Give your guests something red to take home and enjoy later.

Our professional florists and event coordinators at Walter Knoll Florist look forward to helping you design and flawlessly finish your red themed wedding. We wish you many years of happiness and love!