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60 Remarkable Occasions to Send and Receive Elegant Flowers “Just Because”

Flowers have long been cherished on special holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. However, at Walter Knoll Florist, the leading florist in St. Louis, Missouri, we believe in surprising the important people in your life with beautiful blooms on any day you choose. The date on the calendar doesn’t matter because there are numerous reasons to show you’re grateful, spread some joy, and declare your love for all to hear.

The language of flowers will convey your sentiments effortlessly, whether it’s bringing happiness with daffodils, honoring your bestie with chrysanthemums, or professing “I love you” with classic red roses. Combine the bouquet with a thoughtful card message, and you’ll have a gift that transforms any regular day into an occasion to remember.

15 Occasions Worth Hinting You Want Flowers from Your Partner

  1. Your engagement anniversary is fast approaching
  2. You have a big birthday coming up and you’re excited
  3. You made sure your partner had a good lunch in their lunchbox all week
  4. You’re always the one to scrape the litter box
  5. You’ve been working late a lot at the office 
  6. You put in the work and reorganized all of the closets
  7. You finally had a meaningful breakthrough in therapy
  8. You work with your partner each day to learn a new language
  9. You feel bummed after having a fight with a loved one
  10. You ran a 5K at a personal best time
  11. You rehabbed a piece of thrift store furniture and it looks amazing 
  12. You handled bedtime for the kids so your partner didn’t have to
  13. You kicked COVID-19 to the curb
  14. You’re struggling with FOMO because you can’t attend a friend’s big bash
  15. You mastered your partner’s favorite dinner recipe

15 Reasons to Order Flowers for Your Parents

  1. They clothed, fed, and cared for you from the very beginning
  2. You were able to pay off your student loans thanks to their help
  3. You asked them to co-sign on your apartment and they did
  4. When you go home to visit, your room is ready for you
  5. They gave your sibling support without hesitation
  6. You thought of your mother after watching a film she loves
  7. You changed a tire for the first time and thought of your dad
  8. You feel thankful that they hosted you on your last visit
  9. They took their doctor’s recommendation to heart and you’re glad
  10. They managed to set up their home entertainment center without calling you
  11. You want to celebrate their recent retirement
  12. You’re thankful that they helped you do your taxes
  13. They were adventurous and tried a new restaurant for the first time
  14. They did a random act of kindness for a stranger
  15. You love your parents for exactly who they are

15 Times to Send Flowers to Your Bestie

  1. They finally stopped calling a problematic ex
  2. They just brought a new bundle of joy into the world
  3. They were kind enough to help you move and deserve your gratitude 
  4. They got the apartment they wanted and you want to help warm the space
  5. Their birthday gift this year was something special
  6. They made their final student loan payment
  7. They have made strides on their path to sobriety
  8. They told their parents the truth about their identity and you’re proud
  9. They took fantastic care of a foster pet but still let them go
  10. They are mourning the loss of someone special to them
  11. They inspire you to be a better friend
  12. They kept you inspired on your path to quit smoking
  13. A newspaper published their story
  14. They are going through chemo and you want to put a smile on their face
  15. You love them like a sibling and want to show it

15 Circumstances for Buying Flowers for Yourself

  1. You finally got around to cleaning out your closet
  2. After months of hard work you finally did a pull-up
  3. You need to stave off some post-holiday depression
  4. Your boss said you are killing it at work
  5. You didn’t miss a single day of language lessons this year
  6. You submitted your grad school application
  7. You nailed a tricky bread recipe 
  8. You reworked your filing system and it’s perfect now
  9. It’s crummy outside so you need color inside
  10. You want your home to look amazing for a surprise party
  11. You want to make a good impression when your in-laws visit
  12. You helped a stranger find a lost wallet
  13. You got noticed by your favorite social media influencer
  14. You quit drinking soda and you feel amazing
  15. You liked what you saw when you looked in the mirror

Whether you decide on a bouquet with their favorite stems or an arrangement ripe with symbolism, there’s always a reason to express love, appreciation, and joy with the power of fresh flowers “just because.” Walter Knoll Florist is at your service, ready to infuse regular days with joyous energy.