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Posted by wkf on September 27, 2021 | Last Updated: September 30, 2021 Uncategorized

Add These Fall Flowers to Your Home to Celebrate the Season’s Richest Colors

When the leaves begin to change into vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds, we know fall is upon us. The rich colors of autumn create a stunning landscape around us while influencing our home decor and fashion choices too. Each year, the Pantone Institute of Color selects a group of colors to represent the trendiest tones of fall.  Keep reading to discover their interesting and unique choice and how the design experts here at Walter Knoll Florist, are pairing these hues with our favorite fall flowers.

Pantone’s Fall Color Trends & Your Favorite Fall Flowers

Green Hues

Pantone has selected a bold green color, named “leprechaun,” as a trending green along with a more muted and warm “olive branch” green. Expect to see these colors in sweater, coats, and scarves. For your fall floral arrangement, look for green hydrangea, mums, succulents, and natural greens in these shades.

Blue Hues

Mykonos Blue, Rhodonite, and Spring Lake are the names of Pantone’s rich blue colors of fall. These gorgeous blue hues will certainly be featured in fashion and design items this fall. Recreate these shades in your home with fresh blue blooms such as hydrangea, hyacinths, delphiniums, bellflowers, cornflowers, orchids, and forget-me-nots.

Yellow Hues

The brightest color of Pantone’s fall selection is the aptly named “Illuminating,” a brilliant and radiant color of yellow. Perfect for accent pieces like a scarf or handbag, a little of this fabulous bright hue goes a long way. Yellow blooms in a matching shade will pair beautifully with the deeper reds and blues and plums of the season. Select yellow flowers such as bright yellow roses, sunflowers, yellow mums, Gerbera daisies,  and  Craspedia billy balls.

Pink Hues

The bright and muted pinks of summer remain around for fall according to Pantone. They selected a lovely “Pale Rosette” shade of pink blush and a vibrant violet named “Fuschia Fedora.” Either of these pink shades would look great as a sweater or hat, and in a floral bouquet, they would be absolutely stunning paired with burgundy and plum tones. Find these fun pink colors in pink roses, pink Peruvian lilies, carnations, mums, and gerbera daisies.

Red Hues

Red hues are a staple of fall accessories, whether it’s a bright hue or a darker shade of red. Pantone’s “fire whirl” is a dynamic, ward red you would love to have as a blanket to wrap yourself up in. Also a great floral color, this shade of red can be found in deep red roses, dahlias, mums, and carnations.

White Hues

Considered a “core hue,” Pantone went with soft “Coconut Cream” off-white shade for this year’s fall season. Perfectly subtle, creamy, soft, and warm, it’s a perfect shade to compliment other fall hues. There are plenty of white flowers to add to your fall bouquets like white roses, white daisies, white carnations, white orchids, white hydrangea, lilies, and white anemones.

Discover Pantone’s trending fall colors and other gorgeous autumn hues in seasonal flowers. Providing a fresh and gorgeous way to enliven your home and celebrate the season, fall flowers make the perfect gift for yourself or someone else. Find your autumn bouquet now!