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The Best Boss in Saint Louis

best boss

Having a great boss can make all the difference in the world. When you enjoy going into work, know that your efforts are appreciated, and your ideas are valued – work is a lot more enjoyable. A great boss pitches in, provides guidance, encourages growth, provides chances for advancement, and always gives credit when it is due.

If you are lucky enough to work for such a person, October 16 is the day to celebrate them. National Boss’s Day is set aside to recognize those who do a great job every day. If you feel that you have the best boss in Saint Louis, call Walter Knoll Florist, and we’ll make sure they know just how much they are appreciated. 

best boss

Gift Idea: Our 2.5″ bromeliad plant (shown above) comes in a self-watering pot and is the perfect size for the desktop. This affordable gift is compact, beautiful and just right to send a little appreciation.

Trivia About Boss’s Day:

* The word “boss” is derived from the Danish term “baas”, which means “master”. It was first used in terms of
employment in about 1625.

* There are approximately 11 million bosses (supervisors, employers) in the American workforce.

* National Boss’s Day was instituted in 1962, and was the brainchild of Patricia Bays Haroski, an employee at
State Farm Insurance in Chicago.

* Haroski’s boss was her father, and October 16 is his birthday.

* The intent of the day was to enhance and encourage positive employee/employer relations.

* It is estimated that adults spend 25-35% of their waking hours at work.

* National Boss’s Day is also recognized in South Africa, India and Australia.

Gift Idea: Want to get in good with the boss? Get together with your co-workers and send a gourmet gift basket . Chocolate, fruit, or Saint Louis inspired munchies, everyone loves receiving food – and if you are lucky, maybe your boss will share!

best boss

National Boss’s Day is October 16. Walter Knoll Florist has the gifts, floral designs and plants that will let them know that you appreciate having the best boss in Saint Louis.