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Posted by wkf on June 6, 2016 Uncategorized

Birthday Roses for June

rosesWe look forward to June for many reasons – from the beginning to summer to the end of school , the season stretches out before us full of possibility. June is also a big month for celebrations, with graduations and Father’s Day on the calendar. Of course, many of your friends and loved ones will be celebrating birthdays this month as well – and they happen to have one of our very favorite flowers representing their month. The coveted rose is the birth flower of June, and we couldn’t think of a better flower to observe such a beautiful time of year.

rosesMythology ties roses to Venus, Aphrodite, Cupid, and Adonis; while history tells us that both Cleopatra and Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife were enthusiastic patronesses of the rose. Roses have long been sent as tokens of deep affection – no matter the sentiment; it is made more profound with the rose. For instance, any yellow flower can be sent to represent friendship and loyalty, but a yellow rose speaks to the most cherished friendship. Any pink flower will show appreciation, but a pink rose expresses undying gratitude. There is just something special about the rose, and this month, you have the opportunity to send gorgeous birthday rose bouquets to everyone on your list.

rosesJune 12 is also a little known day on the florists calendar, but one observed by rose aficionados everywhere. Red Rose Day celebrates the unique and exquisite red rose, the undisputed reigning champion of flowers. If there is someone in your life who loves red roses, sending them a small token on June 12th is a great way to recognize both them and the popularity of their favorite bloom.

rosesWalter Knoll Florist provides gorgeous floral bouquets to the Saint Louis area year round, but in June, we are all about the roses! Call us today to send this iconic flower to those you love.