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Butterflies, Bees & Flower Gardens

flower gardens The natural world is a synergistic system, in which the individual components rely on each other for survival. The insects need flowers for food, the flowers need the insects for pollination, and in turn, humans need the bees to sustain our food supply. Because we are all so interconnected, it only makes sense for us to help support the bees and butterflies by providing them with a safe haven. (Not to mention, watching them work is fascinating!) At Walter Knoll Florist, you’ll find all the floral expertise you need to plan your very own Saint Louis butterfly garden for your patio or backyard.

But Won’t I Get Stung? Honeybees are experiencing a critical loss of population. By providing honeybees with a garden to gather nectar and pollen, you will be assisting them in their fight for survival. But honeybees at work are generally uninterested in stinging anyone, and as long as you leave them alone, there should be no danger. flower gardens

Did You Know? Each variety of butterfly has a species of flower which it favors – a butterfly bush, delphinium flowers, hollyhocks, and shasta daisies all will attract certain types of butterflies over others. Allium, Joe Pye weed, geraniums, and hyssop will attract bees, and in addition, many flowers are irresistible to both bees and butterflies; such as asters, lavender, goldenrod, verbena or zinnias.

How to Accessorize Your Garden: Both bees and butterflies will appreciate a sunny setting that is protected from any wind. You do not have to plant a traditional flower garden; in fact, a grouping of potted or hanging plants will afford you the same success. Once your spot is chosen and your flowers in place, you’ll need to add a water source. Shallow tins or containers are perfect for providing water, and when you add pebbles and sticks for the insects to rest on, you’ll keep them coming back day after day.

Not Every Bug is Welcome: Interestingly enough, there are also plenty of flowers that repel pesky insects – ornamental flowers such as chrysanthemums and petunias have a powerful effect on beetles, fleas, aphids and more; while an herb garden can help you to protect yourself against pests as well. The oils contained in mint, rosemary, and basil will all repel mosquitoes, and the oil in lemongrass is actually the main ingredient in citronella candles.

We are all responsible to participate in an ecosystem that benefits us. This summer, get involved by putting together a garden that will protect and nurture bees and butterflies, and give you hours of enjoyment as well. Call Walter Knoll Florist today and ask to speak with a member of the garden team – we are happy to help.