Celebrating Vibrant Latin American Culture

This month is Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated from September 15 until October 15 every fall. This is a wonderful opportunity to share stories, honor specific individuals, and promote deeper understanding and greater appreciation for the enduring contributions these individuals have made to our culture. We pay tribute during this month to the many generations of Hispanic Americans who have positively influenced our nation and society. At Walter Knoll Florist, we are honored to participate in this rich cultural occasion by showcasing floral arrangements that feature flowers originating in Latin American regions.

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Center Yourself This September With Plants

When stress levels begin to rise and everything can feel out of balance, find a way to center yourself in small ways that restore and refresh. Surrounding yourself with beautiful natural foliage is a great way to connect with nature, breathe some fresh air and gaze on calming colors and textures. Incorporate a dish garden or blooming plant into your office or work space for a restorative balance that will leave you feeling refreshed and whole. Since plants give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, they purify the air and provide you with healthy fresh air in return. St. Louis florist Walter Knoll Florist suggests taking a few minutes to engage in meditation and deep breathing exercises near your favorite plant when things get stressful.

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Refresh Those Desks For Administrative Professionals Day

With Administrative Professionals Day just around the corner (April 25), it’s time to bring a little “Desktop Awareness” to those work places and their surfaces. We here at Walter Knoll Florist want to bring attention to all the sad, bereft, disorganized, cluttered desks out there and call upon work places everywhere to restore them to their former glory. Given the fact that we spend almost as much time at work as we do at home (in some cases, more), it’s important that we take the time to refresh and renew our work areas. Conference tables, cubicles, reception desks and personal desks need a good spring clean, too. What else do they need? New flowers and plants.

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Expert Tips for Succulents and Indoor Green Plants

indoor green plantsWe all know how beautiful the plants and flowers look at the shop. But for those who don’t possess a green thumb, bringing flowering and green plants home may be just a bit intimidating. The experts at Walter Knoll Florist have been helping people to beautify their St. Louis homes and offices for generations – and we are here to help you with some easy care tips for indoor green plants. There are over 315,000 varieties of plants, which makes it impossible to list a standard set of care instructions. However, we have compiled a short list of three of our favorite plants. With just a little guidance, you should be able to keep them healthy and thriving at home. If you have further questions or prefer another plant, just let us know!  Continue reading

Thank Your Secretaries with Flowers

Every day they answer the phones, file the paperwork, and schedule the appointments. And you don’t know what you would do without them!

Secretaries Week is set aside to thank those very special employees who help keep our companies running every day.  According to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), there are nearly 4 million such professionals in the United States – and many consider these unsung heroes to be the true backbone of our local and national economies. Walter Knoll Florist has assembled a collection of creative floral designs, green plants, and unique gifts specifically for the office superstars.  Continue reading

Flowers and Plants for Outdoor Parties

outdor partiesRelaxing outdoors is a treasured St. Louis pastime during the upcoming warm months. With evening stretching out longer and lazy weekends calling; we can’t wait to take the party outside! Whatever your outdoor space, we would like to suggest some fun and easy ways to entertain this summer. Turn your carport into a cantina, or your patio into a palace – with just a few easy steps!

outdoor partiesIf you don’t have the patio or deck furniture to sit everyone down for dinner, consider using your indoor furniture and tableware. It will make the meal more elegant and sophisticated, and you can use the chairs and lounges that you have to arrange impromptu seating areas ad conversation corners. Adding large pillows and colorful cushions will make it welcoming and comfortable.

outdoor partiesPotted trees and flowers are a vibrant way to provide a floral backdrop to any backyard quickly and easily. Patio gardens, dish gardens, and hanging baskets will add just the right pop of color and beauty without all the bother of planting. Further, there portable micro gardens can be moved easily brought indoors or eventually transferred into a flower bed for many years of enjoyment. Utilize different flowers but in the same color scheme to create a cohesive color palette that inspires depth and texture.
outdoor parties Potted plants can be placed on the ground, hung from shepherd hooks or strategically arranged on creative pedestals – wood pallets, baker’s racks or wheelbarrows can all be drafted into service to display your flowering plants. No matter what space you have available to you to entertain, you can transform it into a peaceful, relaxing garden sanctuary. This summer, don’t stay indoors – let your inspiration guide you and create an awesome space filled with flowers from Walter Knoll Florists.

Walter Knoll Florist – Lawn and Garden Month

lawn and gardenApril is lawn and garden month, considered the ideal time to plant for the season and create the landscaping of your dreams.

But not everyone has an expansive lawn or rolling flower beds. Perhaps you live in an apartment or condo, or maybe your area to work with is small – April is still the perfect time to rethink your atmosphere and environment and fill it with flowers and plants. In springtime, we open windows and doors to let fresh air in, and we spend more time outside. You can create that feeling of cohesiveness, and of bringing the outdoors in, by filling your home and outdoor living spaces with spring plants.

lawn and garden


Spring gardens are full of kalanchoe, azaleas, geraniums, violets and chrysanthemums – and these iconic seasonal flowering plants, among others, are available from Walter Knoll. Whether purchased as standalone potted plants, or as part of a striking indoor garden display, these flowers are often seen in flower beds – but are equally impressive on front porches and back decks. Our baskets of spring flowers are representative of the colorful and fresh blossoms you would find blooming in the finest gardens in Saint Louis.

lawn and garden

Ask the floral experts at Walter Knoll Florist to help you with the right flowering plants that will exude the essence of a spring garden, even when indoors. Ask us for inspiration as to how to enjoy the plants either outdoors or in – or allow us to design a personalized mini-garden based upon the flowers you love. Walter Knoll Florists is committed to helping St. Louis gardeners to beautify their homes – whether outdoors or in, professionally or casually – so stop in today, and let’s get to planning.

Walter Knoll Florist – Earth Day

earth day

Most people have heard of Earth Day, but may not know the interesting history behind the holiday. There are actually two Earth Days on our calendar – the Spring equinox (approximately March 21) and April 22.


In the 1960’s, the country was looking for a change; protests, rallies and demonstrations were commonplace. The issues regarding the damage humanity was causing the planet were front and center, thanks in part to the NY Times bestseller Silent Spring. Senator Gaylord Nelson, mortified at the devastation of a 1969 oil spill, took up the cause of conservation as well as clean air and water. In 1969 he announced the April 22, 1970 event, when environmental education would be available across the nation. The idea took off faster than he ever dreamed, and millions of people attended the events nationwide.

earth day

However, a month earlier, on the vernal equinox of March 21, 1970, activist John McConnell had already celebrated his own Earth Day, with the support of the mayor of San Francisco. Insisting that the first day of Spring held a deeper meaning than the Aprill 22 event Nelson was planning, McConnell stuck to his date rather than consolidate the two efforts. In June of 1970, the United Nations adopted the “Equinox Earth Day” as “International Earth Day”, and the proclamation was signed by 36 world leaders.

earth day

Although we have two Earth Days, the vast majority of communities in the United States celebrate on or around April 22. Here is Saint Louis, there will be many places to go and celebrate; for instance the Saint Louis Earth Day Festival on Saturday, April 23rd at the MUNY Grounds in Forest Park is free, and will be educational and fun for the whole family!


Walter Knoll Florist likes to think that we celebrate Earth Day every day – sending out green plants and flowers that make life more beautiful all year long. To commemorate Earth Day, or simply to bring a bit of the outdoors in – call Walter Knoll Florists today!

Celebrating Houseplant Appreciation Day

houseplant appreciationOnce New Year passes and the holiday season draws to a close, many people begin to feel weary as they look at the calendar and realize that they still have several months of winter left. Houseplants can be an excellent remedy from this dreariness by helping to liven the atmosphere in the home and make everything feel brighter and more cheery. Houseplants can also help freshen the air inside the home, which can be a major benefit when the cooler weather prevents people from opening up their windows.

There are a variety of different ways to observe Houseplant Appreciation Day. Consider giving your existing plants some tender care by adding some fertilizer to their pots. Sit and appreciate them rather than allowing them to blend into the background.

We have also found that gifting houseplants to others, or even selecting a new one to add to your own home, can also be an excellent way to celebrate. Consider some of these beauties.

A Blooming Mum Plant

Mums are always popular flowers because of their beautiful, rich color. These flowers will easily light up a room and make the entire space feel more joyful. These flowers could easily fit in nearly any room of the house, such as the kitchen, living room or even an office.

Green Plants Assortment

This plant comes in a lovely yet simplistic woven basket, which helps to add to the decorative potential of these plants. The selection in this basket is chosen based on the ease of the care involved. The daisies are included to add an extra burst of color, making the houseplant feel even more welcoming.

The Classic Peace Lily

This plant has been a popular favorite for years. It offers rich, green leaves and lovely white flowers that serve as a beautiful accent for any room. They are known for being particularly easy to care for while also being valuable for cleaning the air. They would be a perfect gift on Houseplant Appreciation Day.

Houseplant Appreciation Day is an excellent opportunity for people to remember the value and the beauty offered by their houseplants. These simple additions can help create a fresher, lovely home, particularly throughout the dreary, long days of winter. Those interested in marking the day should consider giving one of the above plants as a gift or addition to their own houseplantcollection. Contact us at Walter Knoll Florist for more information about houseplants.

Outdoor Plants to Decorate Outdoor Rooms

outdoor plantsFor those who spend a great majority of the summer months outside, the back deck or patio becomes an extension of their living space. These outdoor rooms have a personality all their own just like the indoor spaces enjoyed the rest of the year. For many, the backyard is where they spend their summer – grilling, talking or lounging by the pool – we enjoy our outdoor living areas, all summer long!

outdoor plants

Tropical Fusion Bromeliad

These spaces can be as diverse as the people who design them. Some prefer a beach or island theme, employing tiki torches, straw place mats, brilliantly hued glassware and tropical plants to exude an exotic and relaxed vibe. Then there are those who prefer a more rustic theme, with stone fire pits, comfortable plush sofas and lush greenery cooling down the warm environment. Regardless of the style or your outdoor sanctuary Walter Knoll Florist has the perfect floral accent to bring life and beauty to the décor.

outdoor plants

Rose Garden Basket

Having a garden party? Imagine accenting your luncheon with Rose Garden Baskets, appropriate for planting in your yard when the season is over. These gorgeous roses bring class and sophistication to an outdoor deck and perfectly set the mood. Or perhaps potted kalanchoe or mums will be the missing detail for your party; these colorful blooms will do well outside in a shady spot and can be brought inside easily when the gathering is over.

outdoor plants

Pink Kalanchoe

Summer is here and the living is easy. And Walter Knoll Florist of St. Louis makes it easy to decorate your outdoor areas with beautiful bloom sure to compliment any style of “room” you design. Plants or flowers, Walter Knoll Florists are your outdoor design partner!