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Popular Houseplant Care Myths to Stop Following

Fresh, vibrant green plants are perfect for sprucing up your home, refreshing your space, and lifting your spirits. Plants not only enhance our space, but they boost our mood and decrease stress, too. This explains why plant sales have skyrocketed in the last few years and why new plant parents hit up Google seeking advice on how to keep them thriving. There’s a lot of bad advice and old-times “myths” about plant care online, though, which is why the plant and flower experts at Walter Knoll Florist are setting the record straight. Below is a list of common plant care myths that will do more harm than good to your greenery. Do right by your air-purifying, spirit-boosting plants by avoiding the below advice.

Common Plant Myths to Ignore

MythI Don’t Need to Water My Cactus or Succulents

Cacti and succulents do still need watering, just not as often as non-succulent plants. During the summer months, all plants are in growth mode are require extra water. Keep an eye on your succulent’s soil as well as their leaves and stems. If they are not plump and firm, they need some water.

MythPlants Grow Faster in Bigger Pots

Plants are genetically predisposed to grow at a certain rate, regardless of pot size. It’s the amount of sun, water, and nutrients a plant receives that has the most effect on how quickly it grows. The general rule is to repot a plant in a container 1-2 sizes larger.

MythHouseplants Need Routine Watering

How much water a particular plant needs varies from plant to plant and its environmental situation. Plants in bright, sunny areas require more water than those in low-sunlight areas. Having a routine watering schedule could lead to overwatering. Determine a plant’s water needs by checking the moisture content of the soil with your finger. You can also figure out how dry a plant is by picking it up. If it’s very light, it probably needs a good soaking.

MythMisting Plants Increases the Humidity

Misting plants causes only a negligible rise in humidity levels, so it’s not necessary. Misting your plants will keep keep their leaves clean, though.

MythIndoor Plants Need to Be in Direct Sunlight All Day Long to Thrive

Other than succulents, plants do not do well in direct sunlight for most of the day. Indirect, bright light that is diffused is the ideal lighting for most plants.

MythA Wilting Plant Requires Water

There could be a variety of reasons why a plant starts to wilt, so it’s prudent to do some investigative work before watering. First, check the soil, and if it’s wet, the plant may be suffering from too much water. Also, check the leaves for insects or pests that could be causing damage. Too little sunlight can also cause drooping and wilting. If none of the above are apparent and the soil is quite dry, then give it a good soaking and recheck it in a few days.

MythOrchids are High-Maintenance and Difficult to Care For

Don’t be intimidated by these exotic beauties as they are relatively easy to care for. Once you have figured out a good watering regimen that works for your orchids, they are pretty much hands-off. Soaking an orchid so it becomes thoroughly drenched without sitting in water for too long is an acceptable method of watering. As for the ice-cube trend…. some orchid purists will tell you never to use ice cubes to water your orchid, while others say it works great. Do what works best for you and your orchid.

MythStones or Pebbles Should be Placed in the Bottom of the Plant Container to Improve Drainage

Water does not drain well when moving between levels of different particle sizes. A container with drainage holes full of nothing but soil is all you need.

MythHumidity Around a Plant Can be Increased by Tray of Pebbles and Water

Placing water and pebbles under or near your plant has not impact humidity levels around your plant. As water molecules evaporate, they spread in all directions – not just towards your plant. If you want to increase the humidity around your plants, place them in a tub close together and close the curtain.

MythPotting Soil Should Not be Reused

When putting a houseplant into a larger container, keep the old soil and use it. There’s no need to use only new soil since most potting soil is composed of a peat moss mix that decomposes very slowly, which means it’s still perfectly good.

Learn more about plant care essentials by visiting our Plant Care page. Then, peruse our plant and flower selections to add even more greenery to your life!