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Posted by wkf on September 10, 2018 Uncategorized

Center Yourself This September With Plants

When stress levels begin to rise and everything can feel out of balance, find a way to center yourself in small ways that restore and refresh. Surrounding yourself with beautiful natural foliage is a great way to connect with nature, breathe some fresh air and gaze on calming colors and textures. Incorporate a dish garden or blooming plant into your office or work space for a restorative balance that will leave you feeling refreshed and whole. Since plants give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, they purify the air and provide you with healthy fresh air in return. St. Louis florist Walter Knoll Florist suggests taking a few minutes to engage in meditation and deep breathing exercises near your favorite plant when things get stressful.

Infuse your home or office with Tropical Fusion Bromeliad, a gorgeous wicker basket overflowing with tropical foliage. Tropical bromeliads and peace lilies are surrounded by croton, fern and ivy for a garden style display that will freshen your space and your outlook.

Add color, texture and a calming balance to your world when you include plants in your work environment. The professionals at Walter Knoll Florist will help you choose the best plant or dish garden for your home or office and we deliver everywhere in the greater St. Louis area.