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Choosing Arrangements With Carnations for January Birthdays

carnationsJanuary’s birth flower is the carnation. It is a very popular flower that has been cultivated in Asia and Europe for two centuries. The scientific name of the carnation is Dianthus caryophyllus. Dianthus is the Greek word for “Flower(s) of the Gods.” Because carnations were originally pink, the common name means “flesh-toned.”


Over the course of those two centuries, botanists have identified roughly 300 different species of the flower. They have also produced hundreds of various hybrids. They are available in a broad range of bright solid colors, and some varieties are striped. Carnations have a spicy scent that accounts for references to the flower as Clove Pink or Gillyflower.


Today, they are grown throughout the world where gardeners and commercial producers value them for their seductive fragrance, their hardiness, and their lovely ruffled petals.


Carnations are symbolic of distinction, fascination, and love. Beyond the symbolism of the flower itself, according to the Victorian Era Language of Flowers, each color is connected with a different meaning.


  • Red is indicative of passionate love.


  • The Farmer’s Almanac explains that white carnations represent pure love. White is also associated with steadfastness and innocence.


  • Yellow conveys feelings of disdain or rejection.


  • Purple is suggestive of capriciousness or whimsical feelings


  • Striped carnations symbolize the sender’s regret that the love they feel isn’t shared.


If you know of someone whose birthday is in January, and you’d like to give them a gift of flowers, consider giving them one of these delightful arrangements that include carnations.


There may be a chill in the January air, but the room will heat up super fast when you give or send someone the delightful Everything is Groovy bouquet. You don’t have to be a baby boomer to get the warm fuzzies from this delightful combination of brightly colored flowers in a keepsake flower power bug. The ceramic planter that holds the flowers is filled with Gerbera daisies, hot pink mini carnations, button poms, statice, trichillium and hypericum berries. It is an ideal arrangement for a birthday gift when you don’t necessarily want to send a romantic message with the flowers.


If you are a traditionalist, you can’t go wrong when you give someone this gorgeous vase full of two dozen Long-Stemmed Carnations. They are available in your choice of red, white, yellow or pink.


Let Walter Knoll Florist help you choose or customize a floral arrangement using carnations for those special people in your life whose birthdays are in January.