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Choosing Tropical Decor

tropicalSaint Louis is an amazing place with great diversity, and our area truly offers something for everyone, no matter who they are. One thing we cannot claim to be, however, is tropical – even in the summer months. While that climate belongs to regions far south of us, we do love the flowers that grow there. Decorating your home and office with some of these exotic blooms is a colorful way to observe the carefree fun of the summer season.

tropicalThere are quite a few tropical plants and flowers you can choose to give floral bouquets and arrangements that island flair. Some of these are popular and easily recognized, like the vivid orange bird of paradise. This flower, which is emblematic of the tropical climate, has a bold geometric silhouette and rich color that can’t be missed and is also the standard of tropical flower arrangements. Like several of the more popular exotic flowers, the bold linear shape, and vibrant hue comprises a stunning effect. Heliconia showcases a similar aesthetic as the bird of paradise, and the spiky red ginger plant adds a backdrop of fiery color. Other blooms create interest and texture – protea, with their long, spider-like flower petals and neon hues are a beautiful addition to any arrangement. The deep purple dendrobium orchid is often used to as a contrast the hot tones of the other plants and flowers.

tropical flowersWhile bouquets and floral arrangements can provide striking décor for your home or office, there are also some tropical potted plants that will add life and color to an indoor space, an enclosed porch or a backyard patio in the summer. Bromeliads are versatile plants that feature a colorful, tropical flair – and they are also easy to care for and maintain.

tropicalAt Walter Knoll Florist, we are dedicated to the design of floral arrangements that will successfully transform your space from stoic to stunning! This summer, surround yourself with summer tropical flowers to emulate a carefree island ambiance – call Walter Knoll Florist today, and spend your days relaxing like you are on vacation.