Christmas Wreaths, Trees and Decor

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christmas wreaths

The holiday season is upon us, and the festive decor is lighting up every corner of our homes and offices. Along with poinsettias and pre-lit trees, Christmas wreaths are an iconic way to spruce up any front door, window or fireplace. The designers at Walter Knoll Florist are proud to provide all of the classic holiday decor items you are looking for – as well as a selection of contemporary designs you’ll love.

The Origin of the Wreath:  Evergreen branches have been used in celebrations for thousands of years. Ancient cultures believed that all elements of nature embodied spirits –  and evergreens were thought to contain spirits of protection, due to their resilience through the harsh winters. Twisted into wreaths, the evergreen branches were thought to absorb sunlight during the short days, enabling the spring to eventually return.

christmas wreaths

The ancient Romans used wreaths to commemorate a great victory. At the advent of Christianity across the Roman Empire, the evergreen wreath was adopted by believers as a symbol of the victory of Christ over the grave, as well as a symbol of eternal life. Down through the years, the Christmas wreath has evolved to simply represent a welcoming Christmas spirit and a traditional piece of decor.

Tale of Two Traditions: The poinsettia is the classic flower of Christmas, associated with the holiday due to a Mexican folk legend that said the original poinsettia bloomed at the feet of the Christ child as an offering. Our Silk Poinsettia Wreath combines the traditions of both the wreath and the poinsettia in a festive display for your home that will be a favorite for many years. christmas wreaths If you are looking for more fresh ideas for your seasonal decorating this year – or need the perfect corporate, hostess or personal gift – check out the Holiday Gift Guide on our website! You’ll love the centerpieces, floral arrangements, and unique gift ideas that represent the spirit of the season. No matter how long your Christmas list, you’ll find something for everyone here in our floral shop. christmas wreaths

Classic or contemporary, every option in the Walter Knoll Florist holiday collection is guaranteed to be expertly crafted with the highest quality materials and florals. And don’t forget – we’ll load up the sleigh and deliver every single gift you order, across St. Louis and beyond. This Christmas, partner with us, and relax. The holiday is going to be beautiful!




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