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A Creative Approach To Romantic Flowers









At Walter Knoll Florist, our experts in all things that bloom are excited to help you celebrate creative romance month on Valentine’s Day and all throughout the month of February. Although everyone can appreciate the classic romance of an elegant arrangement of ruby red roses for Valentine’s Day, we think it is a good idea to have some fun with your love and use the day to creatively express your unique relationship through a personally designed and selected plant or floral arrangement.

Though not a traditional choice for Valentine’s Day, our Mango Calla Lilly Bouquet makes a strong statement of passion. Encompassing the richest of tropical colors, the tightly tied bouquet of calla lilies features blooms in canary yellow and blooms splashed with bright orange and deep burgundy. With yellow green stems exposed through a clear glass vase, this arrangement captures the heat of the tropics, much like the heat of romance, and is sure to warm up your sweetheart’s heart and brighten her day.

beautiful bouquet of calla liliesWhether you want to be whimsical, sophisticated, classic, playful, or passionate this creative romance month, our professional florists at Walter Knoll Florist can help you select the perfect bouquet to capture and convey your unique feelings. Use your special someone’s favorite flowers, colors, or unique style to help us choose the arrangement that will make your Valentine’s Day extra special.