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For February Birthdays Give Them Violets


For many those with birthdays in the middle of February, the perfect gift involves flowers. Flowers are a wonderful way to light up the room, particularly in the middle of winter when everything tends to be a bit more dreary. Violets in particular are wonderful for these birthdays. Violets are considered the birthday flower for this month and have a rich symbolism and history that makes them particularly meaningful. At Walter Knoll Florist, we find that when customers understand the history and meanings behind the flowers, they agree that it makes a particularly wonderful February birthday gift.

What makes the violet such a special gift

Violets have a rich history that dates back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. They were used to represent modesty. When the flower and color were adopted by early Christians, the associations with wisdom, innocence, and chastity grew as well.

Over the years, the color and flower also developed the symbolism associated with power and confidence also grew as the color was used regularly by royalty.

In addition to the traditional meanings, in modern times the flowers also have symbolism associated with commitment and faithfulness.

Wonderful ways to gift violets

Basket of violets

Consider getting that February birthday a basket of lovely, deep blue or purple violets, such as our rich African violet plants. The basket can be decorated further with a matching ribbon tied on to and some faux butterflies. It will help light up any room.

Basket arrangement

Another spectacular gift idea would be to match some stunning violets with some freshly cut stargazer lilies and some other potted plants, such as philodendron and ivy. The brilliant colors of the flowers are sure to bring a smile to the face of any recipient.

Mix of violets

Although violets are most commonly associated with rich purples, there are actually many colors of violets. Consider getting a basket with a variety of different colors of African violets, such as purples, pinks, and whites. This rich combination will look beautiful in any room of the house.

These various baskets of violets make for fantastic gifts. Not only do they have fantastic beauty and color, they also can last for months or even years to come with proper care, so they are a gift that will last for a long time. We invite those interested in finding a great gift for a February birthday to carefully consider some of these ideas to see if one of these baskets would work for their loved one.