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Filll Your Home with These Festive Red Blooms of Winter and Fall

Red Flowers are some of the most invigorating blooms due to the naturally vibrant color of their petals and the uplifting and warming mood they bring to any winter home. The powerful presence that the color red carries can symbolize strong emotions, from anger and power, happiness and vitality to love and passion. Cozy up away from the cold with a red blossom to banish the winter weariness and encourage a comforting season. The professionals here at Walter Knoll Florist, St. Louis’s premier florist, treasure red flowers for their striking beauty and bountiful warmth to boost any winter home.

We’re listing our top scarlet blooms to temper the pale cold this winter season and brighten your home.

First, a note about the color red: Why is red such an exciting flower color?

Red is a powerful color, and it had inspired civilizations and peoples since prehistoric days when red clay was ground up and used to paint cave walls by our ancestors. It was from there that red found a home as a tremendously powerful color in civilizations across the world with varying symbolic values from love and passion to romance, holy blood, life, and patriotism in the west. When paired with green, it has come to symbolize the positivity and festivity of the holiday season. Red also symbolizes good luck in China and Japan, and brides wear red gowns in southeast Asia for luck and prosperity.

The bold and illuminating intensity of red blossoms can be difficult to ignore. See how your mood transforms when your eyes fall upon a stunning arrangement of beautiful red blooms by Walter Knoll Florist.

Red Flowers of Fall


The Anemone is a symbol of love and beauty, and its striking color and simplicity have made it a muse for many a famous painter.


A cute daisy-like bloom, the red aster represents undying devotion and care.


The red mum symbolizes passion and love in a positive and upbeat way that fits the fall perfectly.

Gerbera Daisy

The Red Gerbera is a lovely flower that is bold and bright. It’s special because it represents complete immersion in your love.


Zinnias are beautiful red flowers known for representing the steadfast beating heart of a person in love.

Red Flowers of Winter


The Amaryllis is a showstopper of a flower. With its radiant beauty, this plant will enhance any space it inhabits.


Another striking and stunning bloom, the Anthurium is bold and vibrant, signifying admiration and love.


Lush, frilly, and pretty these beautiful flowers are symbols of deep affection and love.


One of the most famous symbols of love, the rose is an iconic symbol. However, don’t just get too caught up in their symbolism, and feel free to enjoy them for their amazing fragrance and perfect beauty this holiday season.


Delicate and fragrant, the red sweetpea is a fun and energetic flower that represent blissful pleasure.

What is the Red Christmas Flower?

The Christmas Star, red Christmas flower, or simply Poinsettia plant is one of the most famous winter plants. It’s difficult to miss, and it’s easy to see why; the Poinsettia plant can be found just about anywhere come the Holiday season, and its striking maroon bracts and deep green leaves catch the eye. With its bold and cheerful appearance, it’s the perfect plant to brighten your home with and bring joy and festivity wherever it goes. Plus, when properly taken care of, poinsettias can rebloom year after year.

Add some cheer and brightness to your home this Fall and Winter with a collection of brilliant red flowers. Remember that red flowers also make great gifts for friends and family who may need an extra boost of joy this season. Start looking for gorgeous red blooms to enhance your holiday home now!